Jamaica Grants Conditional Approval to Three Cannabis Business Applicants

Jamaica Grants Conditional Approvals to Three Cannabis Business Applicants

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On Feb. 14, 2017, Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority announced that it granted conditional approval to three cannabis business applicants at the beginning of 2017, as reported by Jamaica Observer.

Two of the conditional approvals were for Tier 1 cultivation licenses, permitting each cultivator to grow up to 1 acre of cannabis, and the third conditional approval was for a processing license.

According to the Jamaica Observer, the CLA made the announcement on Feb. 14 to quell concerns about the processing time for applications.

“At the outset, the Authority mapped the application process and noted that the processing of conditional approvals could take up to six months provided all relevant information was supplied,” said Cindy Lightbourne, Chairman of the CLA. “In several instances, information has been requested by the Authority to help verify applications and any delay by applicants in providing this requested information adds to the processing timelines.”

“I am particularly pleased to see that despite popular belief to the contrary all the approved entities are small local companies,” said Portfolio Minister, Hon. Karl Samuda, to Jamaica Observer.

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