Charges Filed in Law Enforcement Operation Targeting Alleged Illegal Marijuana Sales

Denver DA Law Enforcement Operation

DENVER, Dec. 28, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Denver District Attorney Beth McCann has formally charged 10 individuals arrested December 14 for illegal distribution of marijuana in various quantities in connection with a multi-agency marijuana enforcement operation.

Stuart Walker (dob: 07-25-1993), Krystal Mauro (dob: 01-21-1987), Leeanne Henley (dob: 08-27-1992), Natalie Betters (dob: 11-09-1992), and Deann Miller (dob: 03-25-1972) are each charged with felony distribution of marijuana, more than four ounces (DF4). Charges were filed today.

Christopher Arneson (dob: 05-09-1989), Cassidy Thomas (dob: 05-27-1995), Joseph Gerlick (dob: 08-02-1989), Andrea Cutrer (dob: 07-15-1991), Devin Waigand (dob: 08-20-1995), are each charged with misdemeanor distribution of marijuana, more than one ounce (DM1). Cutrer and Gerlick were served with a Summons and Complaint on Tuesday; Arneson, Thomas, and Waigand were served with a Summons and Complaint on December 20.

All named defendants are employees of the six Denver and one Aurora marijuana dispensaries operating under the name of Sweet Leaf targeted in the December 14 law enforcement operation.

The Sweet Leaf stores at which the alleged illegal sales occurred are Denver stores located at 2647 W. 38th Avenue, 5100 W. 38th Avenue, 2609 Walnut Street, 4400 E. Evans Avenue, 7200 E. Smith Road, and 4125 Elati Street; and the Aurora store located at 15200 E. 6th Avenue.

The charges allege that each of the defendants sold unlawful amounts of marijuana to single customers, a practice known as “looping.”

The charges are the result of a year-long criminal investigation of Sweet Leaf stores into the alleged illegal distribution of marijuana at area stores after Denver police received a complaint from a neighbor near one of the stores who reported observing numerous persons making multiple trips each day to and from their parked vehicles to the store, continuing these “loops” for several hours at a time.

The investigation is ongoing.

Ken Lane

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