Luxury Marijuana Market Emerging For High-End Cannabis Consumers

Luxury Marijuana Market Emerging For High-End Cannabis Consumers

An emerging luxury marijuana market is offering cannabis products to high-end consumers, according to a Dec. 21, 2016, article in Forbes.

Despite stereotypes of marijuana users, a study of 800 cannabis consumers by Miner & Co. revealed 84 percent have full-time jobs and 65 percent have annual household incomes of $75,000 or more. These consumers also are engaging branded marijuana products.

So they have opened opportunities for places like Diego Pellicer in Seattle to sell products like the recently sold $3,600 marijuana cigar. “A lot of work goes into rolling this product to keep it together, so it doesn’t fall apart,” Alex Canto, the store’s chief operating officer, said. The cigar, with 28 grams of flower and seven grams of oil, cured for six weeks.

Other high-end products include premium subscription boxes, like AuBox, which delivers a new selection of products and edibles monthly for $100 each with a one-year subscription. Another company, ClubM, has a $97 per month subscription but also offers a $1,000 M1K box and a $2,000 M2Box.

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