This is Why a Majority of Voters Support Utah Medical Marijuana Legalization

This is Why a Majority of Voters Support Utah Medical Marijuana Legalization

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Utah medical marijuana legalization is gaining traction. On June 27, 2017, the Utah Patients Coalition announced that a majority of voters support medical marijuana legalization via a state ballot initiative.

According to a poll of 402 likely voters in the state, 73% support medical marijuana legalization through a ballot initiative, 20% oppose it and 7% are undecided.

“The poll results show overwhelming and broad support for medical cannabis in Utah,” said DJ Schanz, director of Utah Patients Coalition, in a press release. “Voters believe that patients should be able to safely and legally access the medicine they need.”

Outside of a ballot initiative, the poll found that conceptual support of Utah medical marijuana legalization is at 79%.

So why is medical marijuana legalization gaining traction in the state? According to the poll, “Support for medical marijuana has its roots in Utah voters’ desire to see medical marijuana offered as a treatment for chronic pain.” Of the 402 people surveyed, 72% believe a doctor should be able to recommend medical marijuana to a patient suffering from chronic pain.

Last year, Utah had the seventh-highest opioid overdose fatality rate per capita in the United States. With the opioid epidemic continuing to ravage Utah, medical marijuana may be the answer for the state’s chronic pain patients who’d rather not become another overdose statistic.

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