Marijuana Company of America (MCOA) Appoints Edward Manolos and Tim Altvater to Newly Established Strategic Advisory Board

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BONSALL, Calif., Feb. 9, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — MARIJUANA COMPANY OF AMERICA (“MCOA” or the “Company”) (OTC: MCOA), an innovative cannabis marketing and distribution company, has formed a strategic advisory board with the appointment of Edward Manolos, Tim and Poni Altvater as strategic advisors.

MCOA is forming a strategic advisory board comprised of the top seasoned cannabis industry and business veterans with very specific expertise that are directly applicable to the Company’s business model and strategy. We are recruiting subject matter experts as strategic advisors with specific expertise in cannabis regulation, cultivation, processing, manufacturing, product development, marketing, brand development and recognition, distribution and logistics, science, nutrition, marketing, distribution, legal, compliance and many other areas critical to the success of the Company.

Mr. Edward Manolos is one of the most accomplished pioneers in the Medical Marijuana industry, having opened the very first Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Los Angeles County in 2004 called CMCA. He is also credited with starting Los Angeles’ first Medical Marijuana farmer’s market referred to as “The California Heritage Farmer’s Market,” which attracted local and international media attention and was the first of its kind. MCOA has tasked Mr. Manolos with identifying and structuring strategic partnerships and product development.

Mr. Manolos is also the founder of many successful companies, such as Everest Biosynthesis Group and Natural Plant Extracts USA (NPE), a leading producer of pharmaceutical grade CBD that holds the largest market share in the USA. He also Co-founded Ocen Communications Inc. in 1997 (NASDAQ: OCEN), an Asia-focused internet communications service provider transmitting voice, fax, and data communications for consumers, carriers and corporations. His diverse entrepreneurial focus led him on to launch the KIWIBERRI Frozen yogurt franchise in 2005. The company is a California-based frozen yogurt franchised that has opened several locations throughout Los Angeles, Nevada, and Florida.

Mr. Manolos has provided consulting services to several companies and has helped them obtain marijuana retail and production licenses in California and Washington. He graduated from the University of California Riverside with a double major in Computer Science and Business Management.

Mr. Tim Altvater and his wife, Poni, are Direct Sales, Home Business and Network Marketing Professionals. As a team, they’ve spent more than two decades actively building networks, helping companies launch and manage growth strategies. Not many in the business can build MULTIPLE organizations, starting from scratch. Tim and Poni have done that twice. After 16 years of building teams in excess of more than 100,000 people, they launched the “MLM Prosperity Project,” a complete roadmap on how to do EXACTLY what they do: step-by-step for success. The MLM Prosperity Project helped and inspired hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow, in many cases, hundreds of percent in a very short period of time.

Tim and Poni’s exact “Do This, Say This = Get this result” approach is relevant and successful as their personal sales organizations have achieved more than $400 Million Dollars in sales. Companies that they operate or are currently consulting have achieved in excess of $1 billion in gross Sales. Tim also has developed “sales language” courses that help companies and entrepreneurs implement sales systems and training that simplify and increase sales and profit.

“We’re excited and honored to be working with MCOA. The management team is a seasoned team of experts with an amazing track record and commitment to success. The MCOA strategy offers an excellent opportunity and a project not to miss out on. We look forward to contributing to the great success of the company”, said Tim Altvater.

The Altvater’s believe that the future of the direct sales industry is bright, especially when combined with strategic marketing tactics, lead generation, online systems and organizational training programs. It’s an unparalleled platform for allowing entrepreneurs to learn, grow and achieve financial freedom. For more information, go to:

Regarding the appointments, Mr. Steinberg, MCOA President said, “Eddie’s input on everything from cultivation to extraction to product development and licensing will be extremely beneficial to the Company. And, Tim’s deep knowledge and experience in developing, launching and marketing new brands will ensure the success of the MCOA product line.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

“Donald Steinberg”
Donald Steinberg
President & CEO

About Marijuana Company of America Inc.
Marijuana Company of America (“MCOA”) is a publicly traded company headquartered in Southern California. MCOA will distribute marijuana and products related to marijuana as well as CBD and hemp, using a variety of marketing approaches to distribute on a global basis.

About Natural Plant Extracts
Mr. Manolos’ most recent venture, Natural Plant Extracts (NPE), has spent years developing their pure, NATURAL, Delta-2, hemp derived, 99% CBD crystals. As a prominent pioneer in the MMJ field, Mr. Manolos is now focusing on CBD’s since they are the most promising cannabinoids for medicinal use. NPE’s CBD is used in research facilities, clinical trials, CO2 extractions, e-liquid additives, topical creams, and even pet foods. The precise dosing and ease in overall integration allows for all applications, regardless of size or scale. Their continuous stocked inventory in their Los Angeles facility, makes NPE the best option for sourcing pure, natural 99% CBD. Almost any volume can be delivered within 24-72 hours. For more information please visit:

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Marijuana Company of America Inc. will provide managed services that assist legal businesses to cultivate, sell, and distribute hemp and marijuana based products within the legal guidelines of individual states and international markets.

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