Med-X, Inc. and Nature-Cide Prepare for State and Federal Crackdown on Cannabis Cultivators

Med X Inc.

LOS ANGELES, July 11, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — Med-X, Inc. issues an industry wide warning to all cannabis cultivators as changes mount in California and whispers surface of the possibility of the DEA announcing a Schedule change of marijuana on a federal level.

As a California based company, Med-X’s Nature-Cide division is discussing these possible regulatory ramifications with its regional customers, warning them that the time is now to better educate themselves as cultivators in this state and become compliant, before regulations go into effect on the medical side of the business – as well as being prepared for the potential of recreational legalization in the coming years. The alarm is being sounded because the company feels nobody in the industry is anticipating what is about to happen.

“There could be a rude awakening for a lot cultivators,” explained Matthew Mills, COO of Med-X, Inc. and Co-Founder of Nature-Cide Insecticides. “The California Department of Food and Agriculture is an enormously powerful department. We know this because we work with farmers and turf professionals on a regular basis.”

As soon as seed-to-sale and mandatory testing go into effect in California, presumably the cat will be let out the bag on how bad the pesticide issue really is. Big government agencies exist to protect the public health of its citizens. These departments have never seen anything like the level of seemingly carelessness and ignorance from California growers with regard to their cannabis cultivation practices. This could be a major public health issue. This is why it is important that cultivators get licensed, or team up with companies that can legally apply pesticides to crops. This is going to be one of the first things they are going to address.

“Our management team is made up of California licensed applicators for Agriculture. It does not matter if you are using poisons or natural products. If a grower intends to grow a product for distribution and sale of any kind to consumers, they will likely be forced to follow strict pesticide application guidelines and testing, just like any other crop grown in this state and country,” states Mills.

In regards to medical marijuana at the California state level this is not a “maybe”. In 2017, things will definitely change. At a federal level, if the DEA does change cannabis to a Schedule 2 drug as rumored, Federal Agencies like the Department of Agriculture, the EPA and the FDA will be put in charge of regulating the cultivation and quality control of many aspects of the industry. Cannabis cultivators will see some major changes, especially when it comes to public health and the pesticide issue.

Now is the time to get the education required to conduct business properly, as all other agricultural businesses are already doing so and becoming compliant before the hammer drops.

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