Michigan Medical Marijuana Application Window Now Open

Michigan Medical Marijuana Application Window Now Open

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While the Wolverine State has had regulatory growing pains in launching its emergency marijuana rules, the Michigan medical marijuana application window is now open.

On Dec. 12, 2017, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs announced that it would start accepting the Michigan medical marijuana application for medical marijuana facilities starting on Dec. 15, which includes applications for cultivators, processors, transporters, provisioning centers and safety compliance facilities.

“Designing and implementing the regulatory framework for this new industry has been a year-long effort by the entire Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation team. We are ready to accept applications by the deadline set in statute,” said LARA Director Shelly Edgerton in a press release. “There are several user-friendly application methods that prospective licensees can utilize. We look forward to administering fair and efficient regulations for business customers while ensuring that medical marihuana patients are protected.”

Prospective applicants can apply online, in person or via mail, with the BMMR running a two-step process for the Michigan medical marijuana application.

Step one is pre-qualification, where applicants pay the $6,000 application fee and undergo full background checks, including background checks for those who have direct or indirect ownership interest in the application. At this stage of the application process, applicants do not have to have secured locations for their facilities.

Step two is license qualification, where applicants must provide details on the locations secured for their facilities and the types of facility licenses they are seeking. If an applicant has already established specific facility locations, the applicant may submit all materials for both step one and step two at the same time.

“The medical marijuana licensing board has the final say in the issuing of licenses so everything we review will be packaged up and sent to them and they’ll review those at a public meeting before issuing any licenses,” said Andrew Brisbo, Director of the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation, in an interview with WKAR. “And we’re going to make sure, before we issue a license to any facility, they have to have municipal authorization through an ordinance before they can operate as well.”

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