MJardin Management


By Kennedy Weible

MJardin Management

(Parent Company, MJAR Holdings)

Denver, Colorado, United States: Cultivation Management Services


URL: http://www.mjardin.com/
Founded: 2012
Employees: 150+
Company Stage: Growth
Investor Relations Contact:
Rishi Gautam, CPA
Managing Partner of River Cities Advisors, LLC
(305) 521-0955


Adam D. Cohen, CEO (MJAR Holdings)
James R. Lowe, President of Cultivation (MJardin Management)
John J. Fritzel, President of Business Development (MJardin Management)


MJardin Management provides turnkey cultivation and processing services to licensed cannabis businesses across the country. Founded in 2012 by Adam Cohen, James Lowe, and John Fritzel, MJardin provides companies with facility design services, licensing support and operational management. In late 2014 MJardin reorganized, splitting into MJardin Management, which provides the management services, and MJAR Holdings, a parent company that holds the intellectual property portfolio MJardin Management uses.



Revenue Driver: Management and cultivation services

Competitors: Medcanna, American Cannabis Company

Business Model: Management services

Sales/Marketing Strategy: Highlighting turnkey set up and consistency of strains across locations.

Funding: Self-funded.

Sales/Marketing Strategy: Brings expertise and experience to what can be an overwhelming new industry.

Customers: Individuals or groups seeking to open cannabis dispensaries, in either medical or recreational use states.

Target Market: Individuals or groups seeking long term business investment in the cannabis industry.

Products: Turnkey management and cultivation solutions.

Customer Problem: Ultimately teaching their customers the knowledge that they are selling in the first place.


Adam D. Cohen, CEO (MJAR Holdings) and co-founder of MJardin, has a law degree from the University of Colorado and is licensed to practice in Florida. He previously served as COO for Brilla Group, a private equity firm that specializes in investment in luxury resorts and hotels.

James R. Lowe, President of Cultivation (MJardin Management), previously worked in facility design and cultivation services in the cannabis industry before co-founding MJardin.

John J. Fritzel, President of Business Development (MJardin Management), was a license holder for several medical cannabis dispensaries in Colorado prior to co-founding MJardin.

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