MJIC, Inc. Acquires Rolling Paper Depot

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Legal Cannabis Industry Leader Completes Acquisition of Premier Lifestyle E-Commerce Platform.

LOS ANGELES, March 23, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — MJIC, Inc., a leader in the California legal cannabis industry, has today announced the completion of its acquisition of Rolling Paper Depot, LLC and CM Sales, LLC (collectively, “RPD”).

Founded in 2010, RPD is a leading distributor of third-party cannabis- and tobacco-related lifestyle accessories, paraphernalia, and consumable products through a proprietary e-commerce platform, as well as a channel partnership with Amazon. RPD provides its customers with the largest selection of the latest products by way of familiar and convenient fulfillment platforms.

“Under the leadership of Jarrod Smith and Camille McCutcheon, RPD has built a loyal customer base and a dynamic organization” said Sturges Karban, MJIC Chief Executive Officer. “We believe that leveraging MJIC’s existing financial, media, and operational resources will help RPD achieve tremendous growth in 2017 and beyond, and we look forward to working with the entire RPD team to accomplish just that.”

Jarrod Smith and Camille McCutcheon, RPD’s founders, added: “RPD and MJIC are as perfect an example of a synergistic combination as you will ever find. Our integrated teams, talents, and market outreach provide for an opportunity to build a powerful presence in one of the most exciting new markets in decades.”

About MJIC
Founded in 2014, MJIC leverages an integrated suite of business solutions that address the needs of enterprises and entrepreneurs operating legally within virtually every vertical of the California cannabis value chain. At the center of MJIC’s client-focused strategy is a comprehensive and lawful distribution network built upon the company’s early-mover foundation in California, which the Company plans to expand throughout additional legal markets in North America, as well as globally thereafter.

In addition to facilitating qualified access to committed capital for select clients and partners, MJIC augments its core distribution capacity with a dedicated focus upon maintaining regulatory adherence as well as by offering value-added financial, legal, promotional, media, and operational services intended to ensure its customers’ compliance with current regulations while also helping to professionalize their operations, optimize their infrastructures, and enhance the underlying value of their businesses.

To this end, MJIC envisions a healthier, wealthier, and more verdant world in which the practice of legal, responsible, and dynamic commerce comes to define the cannabis industry, in California and beyond.

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