MJIC, Inc. Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

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LOS ANGELES, March 28, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — MJIC, Inc., a leader in the California legal cannabis industry, has announced the appointment of Sturges Karban as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective January 27, 2017.

Mr. Karban most recently served as the company’s Chief Investment Officer and will continue to serve as a member of its Board of Directors. A 17-year veteran of the corporate finance industry, Mr. Karban brings to bear upon this new position a wide range of financial, strategic, and operational experience.

After graduating with honors from Harvard University, Mr. Karban began his career at Robertson Stephens, at the time one of the world’s leading investment banks focused on technology, life sciences, and other high-growth sectors. After departing the firm, Mr. Karban moved to Jefferies & Company, where he was part of an investment banking team that serviced global corporate clients across the full spectrum of the financial services industry.

In the time that followed Mr. Karban’s tenure at Jefferies, he has invested in, advised, and managed enterprises in industries as disparate as merchant banking, mining and natural resources, energy services, real estate development, music publishing, and film production. Mr. Karban hopes to leverage this diverse background in multiple disciplines in the dedicated service of MJIC’s shareholders, employees, partners, and clients.

“Given my deep and longstanding connection to MJIC, it was with much excitement, optimism, and commitment that I accepted the mission of serving in the capacity of its CEO,” said Mr. Karban. “I am humbled by the opportunity to build upon the strong foundations laid by my capable predecessors and I am inspired by the chance to collaborate with MJIC’s growing team of talented professionals as we undertake to solidify and enhance the company’s position as one of the most respected and pioneering thought-leaders presently shaping the commercial and regulatory dimensions of the legal cannabis industry.”

About MJIC
Founded in 2014, MJIC leverages an integrated suite of business solutions that address the needs of enterprises and entrepreneurs operating legally within virtually every vertical of the California cannabis value chain. At the center of MJIC’s client-focused strategy is a comprehensive and lawful distribution network built upon the company’s early-mover foundation in California, which the Company plans to expand throughout additional legal markets in North America, as well as globally thereafter.

In addition to facilitating qualified access to committed capital for select clients and partners, MJIC augments its core distribution capacity with a dedicated focus upon maintaining regulatory adherence as well as by offering value-added financial, legal, promotional, media, and operational services intended to ensure its customers’ compliance with current regulations while also helping to professionalize their operations, optimize their infrastructures, and enhance the underlying value of their businesses.

To this end, MJIC envisions a healthier, wealthier, and more verdant world in which the practice of legal, responsible, and dynamic commerce comes to define the cannabis industry, in California and beyond.

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