Must Everybody Get Stoned? Getting Juiced Takes on New Meaning


Nearly 50 years ago Bob Dylan was dubbed the “Voice of a Generation” and most baby boomers would agree the lyrics “Everybody must get stoned,” from his 1966 “Blonde on Blonde” LP vinyl album, was a mantra that helped ignite a generation of anti-establishment protests which still resonate today. And if “they’ll stone you at the breakfast table,” is your thing, there are a variety of new THC-infused “Wake & Bake” coffee and tea products emerging onto the marijuana marketplace.

But what if getting high and lighting up a joint in the morning is a bit too Big Lebowski for your lifestyle? Or the thought of dabbing with your Williams-Sonoma creme brûlée torch at the kitchen counter seems downright scary!

Perhaps you want to use cannabis as a healing modality as part of your morning wellness program and avoid the psychotropic high. Is it possible to feel well and still function normally, with a clear mind, and also be able to drive to work, go to yoga and have a productive day after consuming cannabis?

By now most of the world is aware of the efficacy and immense popularity of non-psychoactive CBD strains of cannabis such as Charlotte’s Web, and the benefits for children with epilepsy. Even stalwart legislators, who for decades funded the failed American “War On Drugs,” are softening their stance on marijuana legalization once they become familiarized with the near miraculous affects of Cannabidiol on seizure reduction for young children.

However, the increased demand for high-CBD strains of cannabis is now greatly outstripping supply. So what can be done if a patient is unable to gain reliable access to CBD medicine and wants to avoid the psychoactive side effects of the more readily available THC strains of marijuana? Is there a generic alternative to non-psychotropic CBD? The answer may be surprisingly simple.

Just juice it! Welcome to the notion of pure raw cannabis for breakfast. Say hello to THC-A.

Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid, is the natural state of the major marijuana cannabinoid before being heated and converted to THC. Like other acidic cannabinoids, THC-A in its raw form is not psychoactive. According to Steep Hill Labs, THC-A is “strongly anti-inflammatory, encourages appetite, is anti-tumor, combats insomnia, and is antispasmodic.”

In order to gain medicinal health benefits of marijuana there may be no need to heat it, vape it, burn it, bake it, infuse it or dab it. All of these processes decarboxlyate THC-A and release the non-psychoactive acid molecule from the THC-A cannabinoid, creating the psychoactive THC. However, according to Dr. William Courtney, it is better to ingest cannabis from the fresh green cannabis fan leaves, which he suggests juicing raw as a means of capturing the THC-A.

To juice your cannabis, simply toss fresh green marijuana fan leaves into a kitchen juicer and drink your medicine in the morning. The bright green cannabis juice can also be mixed with other fruit and vegetable juices and other healthy supplements.

Perhaps after a morning smoothie of freshly squeezed mango, raspberry, cannabis juice and yogurt, you’ll be “Groovin’” along with the Young Rascals.

Patissier | Chocolatier | Cannabissier™ Chef Marla “Molly” Poiset is a classically trained French pastry chef and chocolatier from the renowned Le Cordon Bleu School Paris. She is a mother, grandmother and founder of Cheffettes® gourmet cannabis edibles company. Molly’s idea to create high-end edibles came from the desire to help those with compromised immune systems after her eldest daughter survived a stem-cell transplant for leukemia. Molly’s goal is to “Elevate the Edible” and “change the perception of what’s possible” in marijuana-infused cuisine. You can follow her on Twitter @cheffettes.

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