MyDx Knows How Cannabis Makes You Feel

How Cannabis Makes you Feel

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Prohibition has forced people to take what they can get when it comes to cannabis, while others have chosen the wrong strain because of an anecdotal recommendation from a friend or website, but the “pot makes me paranoid” statement may cease to exist in the future of legal cannabis because technology is already helping consumers make informed decisions.

MyDx Inc. (OTCQB: MYDX), creator of MyDx, the first battery operated, handheld, chemical analyzer for consumers, recently announced that its CannaDx app for iOS users is able to predict the feeling and ailment relief that one might expect from a tested cannabis sample.

According to Daniel Yazbeck, Chairman & CEO of MyDx Inc., “When you are seeking to purchase a cannabis strain, you are looking for a feeling or ailment relief. MyDx’s ability to predict a feeling via a MyDx test is an important milestone as it simplifies the decision making process for consumers.”


When presented with a cannabis sample, MyDx’s algorithm identifies its Total Canna Profile, which encompasses a strain’s unique combination of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. A strain’s TCP is directly related to how it physiologically affects a person’s mind and body; accordingly, each strain’s TCP is associated with specific feelings. Once the MyDx analyzer has identified a strain’s TCP, the CannaDx app is then able to recommend specific strains based upon your desired physiological response.

While MyDx’s technology is cutting edge, its full potential is unlocked in the hands of users. “MyDx users can get the most out of the app’s latest features by testing the Total Canna Profile of each sample they consume and inputting how it made them feel so MyDx can better learn your physiology and predict how unknown samples will make you feel,” Yazbeck said.


The more you use the CannaDx app, the smarter your MyDx algorithm becomes at predicting the feeling associated with a specific sample. If you’re going to a late-night party, CannaDx will help identify a strain that can make you feel more energized than the bro drinking Red Bull and vodka. If you’re forced to go to a family reunion, the app can pick a strain that will have you feeling more relaxed than your yoga-loving uncle.

The MyDx analyzer and the CannaDx app exist to help you achieve your optimal state of mind and body with the perfect strain that works for you. As Yazbeck explained, “We all have unique endocannabinoid profiles in our body. The goal is to determine the ideal cannabis chemical profile that complements your body’s needs by testing and tracking what is working for you and what is not.”

For the people afraid of pot paranoia, MyDx’s technology means you don’t have to play Russian roulette with cannabis anymore. “Our feeling prediction software leverages crowdsourced data on how most people feel with particular chemical profiles, and allows individual consumers to adjust that prediction based on their own experiences.”

The CannaDx app will soon be able to locate strains at local dispensaries that have similar TCP profiles to those desired by individual cannabis consumers, placing the power of choice in the palms of consumers.

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