This Is Why Nevada Has Summoned the Gaming Policy Committee to Talk Cannabis

This Is Why Nevada Is Reconvening the Gaming Policy Committee to Talk Cannabis

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On Sept. 19, 2017, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signed an Executive Order requiring the Gaming Policy Committee to reconvene to talk cannabis policy by Dec. 15.

“Since passage of Question 2, I have called for Nevada’s marijuana industry to be well-regulated, restricted and respected. Gaming regulators have been clear on the prohibition of marijuana consumption on licensed gaming properties but there are additional policy considerations such as industry events and business relationships that should be contemplated,” Sandoval said in a press release.

While the Nevada Gaming Commission has previously communicated that licensed gaming organizations should avoid affiliation with the cannabis industry, Sandoval believes that the Gaming Policy Committee needs to inform the policy discussion.

“The Gaming Policy Committee is the right organization to take up these important issues unique to Nevada due to the state’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana and our gold standard gaming reputation,” Sandoval explained.

The 12-member Gaming Policy Committee will address cannabis-related events at licensed gaming establishments, business relationships between Nevada casinos and cannabis businesses and the advisability of gaming licensees providing financing to or receiving financing from cannabis licensees, among other issues.

For Sandoval and some members of the Gaming Policy Committee, the intersection of casinos and cannabis in Nevada is a multi-faceted issue.

“This is not about smoking marijuana at casinos, this is business. This is business conventions. This is money. This is where they can talk about insurance for dispensaries at a convention, or security. It’s one thing to sell marijuana at a casino, but it’s another to just talk business,” said Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, a member of the Gaming Policy Committee, as reported by Reno-Gazette Journal. “Las Vegas could be the capital for these conventions, and Reno.”

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