NFL Player Could Appeal Second Suspension For Using Pot For Crohn’s Disease

NFL Player Could Appeal Second Suspension For Using Pot For Crohn's Disease

Seantrel Henderson is in his third year as an offensive lineman for the Buffalo Bills, and he is heading for a second suspension for marijuana use, according to a Nov. 26, 2016, article in The Washington Post.

The National Football League is expected soon to give Henderson a 10-game suspension for his second use of a substance banned under the league’s collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Players Association.

But Henderson uses marijuana to manage the pain of his Crohn’s disease, so he might appeal the second suspension, which could force the NFL and the NFL Players Association to reconsider their marijuana policy at a time when many states have legalized marijuana for adult-use or medical purposes.

Shortly after the Nov. 8, 2016, election, which saw four states legalize adult-use marijuana and three states legalize medical marijuana, the NFL Players Association announced it will study pain management options, including pot.

“Marijuana is still governed by our collective bargaining agreement,” George Atallah, the NFL Players Association’s assistant executive director of external affairs, said after the election. “And while some states have moved in a more progressive direction, that fact still remains.

“We are actively looking at the issue of pain management of our players. And studying marijuana as a substance under that context is the direction we are focused on,” he said.

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