OLCC Updates Recreational Marijuana FAQs

OLCC - higlin, usable marijuana

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan 4, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has updated the Frequently Asked Questions section of its Recreational Marijuana website.  The restructured FAQs address issues and concerns directed to the OLCC about the licensing program.

The expanded FAQs cover topics about the licensing process, which includes general information about the application submission, as well as information unique to specific license categories.

There are now additional answers on local government issues, including zoning information and the opt-out provision for cities and counties.

The OLCC will continue to update the FAQs as it proceeds with reviewing applications and issuing licenses.  Specific questions not covered in the FAQs can continue to be directed to the OLCC’s Recreational Marijuana program at marijuana@oregon.gov.

The OLCC will begin accepting Recreational Marijuana Licenses applications online January 4, 2016.  A link to the application will be found on the OLCC website at www.marijuana.oregon.gov.

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