Oregon City Councilor Opens Medical Marijuana Dispensary


On May 9, 2016, Oregon Farmacy, a medical marijuana dispensary in Oregon co-owned by Clay Bearnson, a member of the Medford City Council, held a soft opening in downtown Medford, as reported by NBC 5 News.

Although it has not yet been confirmed by the Oregon Health Authority, Bearnson is believed to be the first city council member in the state of Oregon to own a medical marijuana dispensary, according to The Bulletin.

Oregon Farmacy is Medford’s third dispensary, after Kush Gardens and Patients Helping Patients.

As a member of city council, Bearnson has faced public opposition to his role as both councilor and marijuana business owner.

“Some people say, ‘He should resign,’ or that what I’m doing is corrupt,” Bearnson said.

In order to protect both of his roles, Bearnson has said he’ll recuse himself from voting on marijuana business issues that are presented to the council in the future.

Dispensaries in Medford are currently only permitted to sell medical marijuana; however, the city’s residents will vote in November to determine whether recreational sales of marijuana should be permitted.

“I am hopeful that the majority of Medford voters will cast their ballot on the right side of history,” Bearnson said, according to Oregon Cannabis Connection.

Oregon Farmacy is slated to hold an official grand opening later this month. “We still have a lot of stuff that we need to do before we do a grand opening,” Bearnson explained.

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