Oversight in Cali: Los Angeles Approves Cannabis Licensing Commission

Oversight in Cali: Los Angeles Approves Cannabis Licensing Commission

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On March 22, 2017, the Los Angeles City Council approved a motion for the city to create the Cannabis Licensing Commission, with the commission being responsible for the oversight of the city’s recreational cannabis licensing process, as reported by the City News Service.

Now that the measure has been approved, the city attorney must draft an ordinance on the commission’s creation and implementation. The ordinance must also detail the commission’s responsibilities, which will include all stages of licensing approval, renewal and revocation, as well as working with other departments in the city to orchestrate inspections and audits of cannabis businesses.

“We’re really pleased that they’ve created the commission,” said Sarah Armstrong, director of industry affairs for Americans for Safe Access, to the LAist. “I think it will work better for the city to have this distinct commission, rather than tasking already overburdened agencies with a huge new program.”

According to the LAist, the creation of the Cannabis Licensing Commission comes on the heels of city residents recently passing Measure M, which authorizes the city to create a regulatory framework and enforcement policies for legal medical and recreational marijuana.

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