Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Patients Number More Than 6K

Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Patients Number More Than 6K

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The number of Pennsylvania medical cannabis patients has been growing steadily since the patient registry launched on Nov. 1, 2017.

At the end of its first week, the registry had approximately 3,800 Pennsylvania medical cannabis patients. Now, at the end of its second week, the registry has nearly doubled.

On Nov. 17, 2017, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced that more than 6,000 have registered for the state’s medical cannabis program, as well as more than 300 caregivers.

“These remarkable numbers are a clear confirmation of the need for medical marijuana to ease the pain and suffering of thousands of Pennsylvanians,” Wolf said in a press release. “The Department of Health is working diligently and remains on track for the successful delivery of medical marijuana in 2018.”

Beyond the influx of Pennsylvania medical cannabis patients, the state has also seen growth in the number of physicians who want to be approved practitioners. According to the Department of Health, there are more than 100 physicians who the state has greenlit as approved practitioners and an additional 411 who have begun the process of becoming approved.

“Physicians play a critical role in providing patients with access to this program,” explained Dr. Rachel Levine, Acting Secretary of Health and Physician General. “We encourage physicians considering this as a treatment option for their patients to register and take the required continuing education courses. For physicians who want to learn more, our continuing education providers have resources available so that you can see if medical marijuana is a treatment option for their patients.”

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