Poll: Record Number Want Georgia Medical Marijuana Program Expanded

Poll: Record Number Want Georgia Medical Marijuana Program Expanded

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Support for expanding the Georgia medical marijuana program is at an all-time, according to a new poll released by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Conducted by the University of Georgia’s School of Public and International Affairs, the poll of 940 registered Georgia voters found that approximately 77% of respondents would like to see the state increase access to medical marijuana, which includes allowing the harvesting and distribution of medical marijuana.

Under current state law, patients suffering from one of eight debilitating medical conditions are allowed to possess and use low-THC marijuana oil; however, because the law does not allow for cultivation or sales, patients have no way to obtain medical marijuana legally.

There is currently a bill in the state legislature, House Bill 645, that would expand the Georgia medical marijuana program to allow for commercial cultivation and sales. Under the measure, two companies would be chosen to cultivate and process medical marijuana, while another 10 companies would be chosen for distribution.

“Citizens want us to act, so why not structure something that’s regulated, restricted and provides a safe product for our citizens?” said bill sponsor Rep. Allen Peake, as quoted by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Georgians want us to find a solution.”

In addition to record support for expanding the Georgia medical marijuana program, support for legalizing recreational marijuana has also hit an all-time high in the state; approximately 50% of Georgians now support recreational marijuana, with 46% opposed and 3% undecided.

William Sumner, a freelance writer and marijuana journalist, was a staff writer for MJINews from May 2014 through February 2018. You can follow him on Twitter @W_Sumner.

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