The Rise of Indiana Medical Marijuana Legalization Rallies

The Rise of Indiana Medical Marijuana Legalization Rallies

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With more than half of the United States having medical marijuana laws on the books, the Hoosier State is seeing renewed efforts for Indiana medical marijuana legalization.

On Oct. 7, 2017, the IndyCann Higher Society of Indiana held a rally outside of the Vigo County courthouse in Terre Haute to advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana in the state.

“Our movement is old school in that we think — if you want to change the laws you have to rally the people and go, with the people, to the politicians,” said Bobbie Jo Young, founder and president of the advocacy group IndyCann, as reported by the Tribune Star. “We’re really trying to break the stigma and turn this fight into a professional medical interest.”

According to WTHI, the Indiana medical marijuana legalization rally in Terre Haute was the 50th stop in the organization’s 92-county tour planned for the state.

Young’s fight for Indiana medical marijuana legalization has garnered the support of state Rep. Jim Lucas, R-Seymour. Lucas, also assistant majority whip, has announced plans to introduce a medical marijuana legalization bill when the 2018 session begins in January.

“I can’t comprehend how we can deny people something that provides them with relief that’s not addictive and is not killing anyone when we know for a fact that prescription opioids are killing people,” Lucas said, as quoted by the Indianapolis Star.

While Indiana legalized CBD oil in 2016 for treatment-resistant epilepsy, state excise police conducted an erroneous crackdown on stores selling CBD during the five weeks following the CBD bill’s passage.

Even after the state excise police announced that they would no longer interfere with legal CBD products, an Indianapolis Star investigation found that excise police had issued two more CBD violations.

The state’s confusion over CBD further highlights the clarity that Indiana medical marijuana legalization could bring to Hoosiers in need, like Scott Cooksey’s son who suffers from epilepsy.

“My son needs the help of medical cannabis, we’re out of options,” Cooksey told the Tribune Star. “My wife and I believe that cannabis can and will help him.”

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