Studio McDermott Debuts Kickstarter Project to Fund In-Depth Look at Oregon’s Emerging Cannabis Industry

Studio McDermott and The State of Cannabis

The filmmakers get an unprecedented look at the cannabis pioneers who have become the hottest entrepreneurs and innovators in the emerging industry.

PORTLAND, Ore., June 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Studio McDermott, one of Portland’s leading creative studios has just announced their Kickstarter project to assist in funding “Oregon: The State of Cannabis,” an in-depth look at Oregon’s burgeoning cannabis industry and the pioneers behind it.

Fueled by the successful passage of Oregon’s Measure 91 in 2014, the filmmakers at Studio McDermott have already logged over 120 interviews with some of the most important players in the newly legal cannabis industry. Their hope is to preserve the history of the pioneers who are creating the legal cannabis industry.

“From the basement of an old school cultivators to the deep pockets of big business, a completely new market is emerging, said Max McDermott, cinematographer and editor at Studio McDermott. “When you witness the birth of an industry, you see how quickly things have to move in order to be successful.”

“Cannabis legalization will impact all Oregonians,” said Michael McDermott, the award-winning Director of Photography and co-founder of Studio McDermott. “Oregon: The State of Cannabis is capturing a moment in history that would otherwise be lost.”

Having already poured hundreds of man-hours and resources into this passion project, the filmmakers at Studio McDermott are now looking to the public to help fund the remaining research and post-production expenses. “Many of these people are appearing before a camera for the first time,” said Amy McDermott, co-founder and creative director.  “We are excited to play a part in telling the story of Oregon’s end to prohibition and the innovators who are blazing the trail forward.”

About Studio McDermott:

Studio McDermott is a family-owned and operated visual arts company located in Portland, Oregon. For the last ten years, they have crafted visual stories for clients that make a difference, including the University of Oregon and Oregon Health and Sciences University. Studio McDermott was co-founded by Michael McDermott, lifelong photojournalist and award-winning director, and Amy McDermott, a dedicated multimedia artist, painter, and now creative director. 

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