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Maryland's Highest Court Hears Medical Marijuana Case

Maryland’s Highest Court Hears Medical Marijuana Case

Maryland’s Highest Court Hears Medical Marijuana Case

Companies in the final running for licenses to grow medical marijuana should be able to defend their multimillion-dollar investments against a legal challenge over how those finalists were picked, an attorney argued Thursday in court.

Maryland Medical Marijuana Grow Licenses Put on Hold

Maryland Medical Marijuana Grow Licensing Placed on Hold

It has been a month full of highs and lows for Maryland medical marijuana growers. Last week, on May 15, 2017, news came out that after months of controversy regarding racial disparities the state awarded its grower’s license to Anne Arundel County’s ForwardGro. The victory was short-lived though, as this past Thursday, May 25, a hold was placed on the commission’s ability to grant new licenses.

Maryland's medical marijuana program takes big step forward

Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Program Takes Big Step Forward

Maryland’s medical marijuana program took a big step forward this week with the awarding of the state’s first grower’s license. ForwardGro, based in Anne Arundel County, could make medicine available to patients this fall, but a number of outside forces might put the brakes on the process.

Maryland medical marijuana panel illegally ignored race of applicants

MD Medical Marijuana Panel Illegally Ignored Race of Applicants

Alternative Medicine Maryland’s lawsuit is the second legal challenge seeking to overturn the commission’s preliminary decision in August on which 15 companies will grow the drug.