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Medical Marijuana Reform

Florida Medical Marijuana Movement Passes Milestone

Florida Medical Marijuana Movement Passes Milestone

The medical marijuana advocacy group United for Care has just passed a significant milestone in its pursuit to legalize medical marijuana in the state of Florida.

DANK Becomes Nation’s First Marijuana Company to Launch Ad Campaign with a Major American Newspaper

DENVER, Nov. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Kush Bottles, North America’s premier supplier of child-resistant packaging and branding solutions for the marijuana industry, announced today that their Colorado partner will be the first marijuana based company in the nation to advertise on the front page of a major American metropolitan newspaper’s website.

Montel Williams - Advocate

TV Personality and Veterans Crusader Montel Williams Makes FL Medical Marijuana Pitch

Montel Williams, the former host of his eponymous show, has become a full-time veterans’ rights crusader recently and now he’s wading into Florida politics with a pitch for the medical-marijuana constitutional amendment.

Morgan's Intoxicated Speech

John Morgan’s Intoxicated Speech Outrages Opponents and No One Else

In this digital age where cell-phones are everywhere, and where every phone has a camera, it is hard to have an embarrassing moment that isn’t captured on film. Of all people, public figures have to watch what they say because someone could always have the camera rolling.

Senior Support

Senior Support for Medical Marijuana

In south Florida, a new billboard has appeared, and it is urging senior citizens to get out and vote for medical marijuana. The ornate sign has a senior citizen in a wheel chair and reads, “Legalize Medical Marijuana. I’m a patient not a criminal.”

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