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Le Herbe

420 Ventures Acquires Majority Stake in Le Herbe and United Hemp

420 Ventures Acquires Majority Stake in Le Herbe and United Hemp

SARASOTA, Fla., March 7 , 2016 /Weed Wire/— 420 Ventures announces today that it has acquired majority stake in Le Herbe and the United Hemp Company.


South West Cannabis Conference & Expo Announces Special Keynote Speaker Montel Williams

FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 22, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — The Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo is pleased to announce special celebrity keynote speaker Montel Williams for the largest Texas cannabis conference in history.

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Weekly CannaBit: Percentage of Americans Living in States Which Have Passed Marijuana Laws

Weekly CannaBit for the week of Feb. 1, 2016: Currently, half of the American population lives in a state where medical marijuana is legal and one-third (35%) live in a CBD-only state. Four states will vote on medical marijuana legalization in 2016.


Wildflower Products Now Available in Washington State Dispensary Market

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Feb. 3, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — Wildflower Marijuana Inc. (CSE: SUN) (FWB:RSP) (the “Company”) announces that it has reached a major milestone by becoming Canada’s first cannabis company to launch a line of products into the legal US cannabis market.

Green Tech

GreenTech Industries Structured As Holding Company; Announces New Branded Product Portfolio

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 12, 2016 /Weed Wire/ —GreenTech Industries, a specialty business company with interests in the cannabis and entertainment industries, announced today that it has organized its corporate structure as a holding company, complete with its initial line-up of branded products in its company portfolio.


Zynerba: The Need for Speculative Fortitude

Zynerba presented the status of its research program at BIO Investor Forum. This is a 14-year-old annual biotech gathering, with roughly 600 attendees from 21 countries, and the presentation, in San Francisco, looked likely to be a big event in this company’s development.

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Oil Goes on Sale in UK

While it is a far cry from rolling back prohibition altogether, the legalization wave appears to be crashing upon the beaches of the British Isles this summer. As of July 31, 2015, the branded “Charlotte’s Web” CBD oil went on sale in England after it was legalized last month.

Bone Fracture

Cannabidiol and Bone Fracture Healing: Promising Data Published on Medical Marijuana

Scientists in Israel continue to establish their work as the leading source of data on medical cannabis. In a combined study conducted primarily by researchers from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University, Cannabidiol (CBD) was found to enhance fracture healing.


Chicago Cannabis Conference Spotlights CBD, Tech Innovations

This year’s annual My Compassion Cannabis Conference in Chicago brought together advocates, vendors and prospective medical marijuana patients during a three-day event focused on education and networking.


Study: Medical Marijuana May Help Heal Broken Bones

When people say “medical marijuana,” they often think of cancer patients, people suffering from PTSD, or persons struggling with chronic pain. There is a huge laundry list of ailments that medical marijuana can purportedly treat, and the newest addition to that list is broken bones.

Revolution Enterprises

World’s Most Technologically Advanced Cannabis Cultivation Facility And Laboratory Begins Operating In Delavan, Illinois

DELAVAN, Ill., July 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Cultivation operations have begun at Revolution Cannabis –Delavan, an enormous, state of the art facility designed to lead the world in production, research and development of medicines derived from cannabis.

MyDx CannaDx

MyDx Looks to Crack Open the Green Leaf

MyDx’s hardware/software ecosystem has a very easy value proposition to dish out: simple, instant testing of solids, liquids and gases to measure their positive attributes, and whether there’s any pesticides or other no-gooders in your food, water and air.

OWC Pharmaceutical

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Announces the Promising Results of Phase Lab Testing for Multiple Myeloma

PETACH TIKVA, Israel, June 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. (OTCQB: OWCP), today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, One World Cannabis Ltd. (“the Company”), an Israel-based developer of cannabinoid-based therapies targeting a variety of different indications, is proud to announce it has received the first basic science study (lab) results on the effect of several combination of Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on multiple myeloma cell line RPMI8226.


Mizanskey Commutation: One Straw in Missouri Wind

A recent decision by the governor of Missouri has received a good deal of national attention because it is one of many signs that things are headed the other way: authorities are calling a truce in the war on drugs or, at the least, they are muzzling the biggest guns.

caution mess

Marijuana Reform a Mess in Florida

A medical marijuana bill is on the fast track to move forward in the Florida state legislature. The bill, SB 7066, hopes to fix some of the problematic wording in a 2014 bill, SB 1030, which legalized a low-THC high-CBD strain of medical marijuana called Charlotte’s Web.

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