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Colorado Closing Caregiver Loophole?

Colorado Closing Caregiver Loophole?

On September 16, 2014, the Colorado Board of Health will convene a public hearing on a proposed change to Colorado’s medical marijuana caregiver laws. Under current laws, caregivers are allowed up to five patients; however, if caregivers can get a special waiver, they can serve more.

Edibles Testing

Colorado Testing Edibles by Year’s End

Colorado is building a reputation as the national laboratory for getting marijuana mostly right, and the edible side of the industry is no exception. However, edibles present their own set of challenges from the regulatory perspective. Challenges range from the agricultural to the pharmaceutical to child safety.

AmeriCann Provides $1,000,000 Loan and Consulting for Colorado Cannabis Dispensary

DENVER, Sept. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — AmeriCann, Inc. (ACAN OTCQB), a company that specializes in the designing, building and financing of cannabis cultivation facilities, has provided a $1,000,000 secured loan to Nature’s Own Wellness Center, a Colorado licensed medical marijuana dispensary.

Following the rules.

New Cannabis Production Rules Rile Rookies

One of the leading arguments for the legalization of cannabis is the tax revenue a state can generate. Unfortunately for Colorado, instead of generating the predicted $33.5 million tax revenue, they only generated $12 million, a shortfall of $21.5 million.

Cannasseur Pueblo West

Cannasseur Draws New Tourism to Pueblo

PUEBLO WEST, Colo., Aug. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Cannasseur is the finest recreational dispensary serving Southern Colorado. Upon opening their doors in May of 2014, the business experienced a surge in out-of-state customers as their location in Pueblo West, Colorado is a mere hour and a half from the state border.


Pot & Public Health: Colorado’s Pilot Study

One of the few legitimate concerns people raise about legalizing marijuana is the impact it will have on public health. While we know that cannabis is not as dangerous as tobacco or alcohol, there are a lot of things we don’t know about cannabis; and it is worth the time and effort to understand as much as we can.

stoned driving

Forgot the Propane? Too Stoned to Drive?

Marijuana is legal to varying degrees in some parts of the country. As a result, through public-service announcements, law enforcement and departments of transportation are taking to the airwaves and billboards across the land to let drivers know they shouldn’t drive stoned.

Car Story

Marijuana on the Roads: What’s the Story?

In coming articles, Marijuana Investor News will examine the impact legalized marijuana has made on highway safety. We’ll go in depth and answer the burning questions our readers have asked.


The ‘Steve Jobs Of Weed’ Says There’s No Reason To Fear Cannabusiness

For residents in states where medical marijuana is legal, having a neighborhood “go to pot” might not be so bad. And as Illinois prepares to throw open its doors for businesses that sell legal weed, a marijuana activist is speaking out to clarify some misconceptions about cannabusiness.

Real Estate Sign

Cannabis Fuels Denver’s Real Estate Revival

Real estate is one of the oldest forms of investing; and probably one of the most sound as well. All other things being equal, the value of a real estate property tends to go up more often than it goes down. This is never truer than it is now in Denver. Legalized cannabis has single-handedly


Colorado Cannabis Tax Revenue Falls Short

Taxes are like flies: no one really wants them around, but they play a vital role in their respective ecosystem. As summer flies by, Colorado officials are counting coffers and noticing an extreme shortfall in projected revenue from taxes on recreational cannabis.

Unique Pizza and Subs Announces Cannabis-Infused Pizza Sauce

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation (OTC Pink: UPZS) today announced it is developing a signature Unique Pizza Sauce featuring fresh cannabis extracts for US States that have legalized marijuana edible products for medical or recreational use.

American Consumers

Where Are the United States’ Biggest Cannabis Consumers? Not Where You’d Expect

After perusing our debut State of the Leaf cannabis infographic, you may have pondered which state in the US has the highest concentration of cannabis consumers. You’re not alone if you guessed Washington or Colorado, the only two states legally selling recreational cannabis, but you would be wrong.


Legal Marijuana: A Glass Blower’s Dream

Glass blowing is an industry that has been undermined in the past. Many times, people neglect to see this medium as art, especially if the glass is a bong, bubbler or bowl used for smoking marijuana. However, as more people take an interest in marijuana, they are also making serious investments in the glass they buy.


Music & Marijuana: More than Medicine

Aside from their celebrated music, Jerry Garcia, Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Bob Marley, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus have one major thing in common: marijuana. You probably already knew that, but do you know how burning one down can aid their creative process?

Canna Security America

Canna Security America offers commercial-grade equipment installed by certified technicians at discount prices. We install all of our systems cleanly, to code, correctly, and in a professional manner. Free service is provided for 60 days following installation completion as well as a 1 year warranty on all equipment.


Colorado’s Cannabis Attracts Homeless

There have been a lot of projections about the effects of legalizing cannabis. Proponents predicted that it would boost the economy, create jobs and lower crime. Opponents predicted rampant crime, drug addiction and the utter ruin of the American family (or something to that effect). Yet with all of those predictions and accusations, there was one impact few experts saw coming: an increase in the homeless population.

Puff, Pass & Paint

Puff, Pass & Paint is a 420-friendly painting class that promotes participation in a relaxed artistic atmosphere so participants can allow themselves to paint their own original masterpieces. Painters and cannabis-users of various levels of expertise attend Puff, Pass & Paint.


Washington’s Pot Tax Revenue Falls Short

Washington state’s marijuana market looks like it is off to a slow start, or at least that is according to a new report released by Moody’s, a credit rating agency. It appears that high taxes, low supply and easy access to medical marijuana have led to a lackluster performance thus far; and analysts project that sales taxes collected from the sale of recreational cannabis will fall short of the projected $51.2 million.

Edible Safety

Industry Responsible for Edible Marijuana

How do you like to take your marijuana? Do you like to smoke it, vaporize it or take it in an edible form? If you answered edible, then you are not alone. Many individuals prefer edible marijuana for the relaxation it produces, while others prefer edibles because they don’t involve inhaling carcinogenic smoke. Plus, sometimes it’s just easier to pop a cannabis cookie into your mouth.

New Era CPAs LLP

Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, New Era CPAs is a progressive, full-service tax, accounting and business consulting firm specializing in new and emerging industries. They provide in-depth accounting & tax services for businesses, investors, startups, cultivators and professionals involved in the cannabis industry.

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