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First Cannabis-Infused Beverage Launches in D.C. Dispensaries

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 9, 2015 /Weed Wire/ – District Growers today publicly launches the first medical-cannabis beverage to be sold in Washington DC. “More…” is a signature line of 5 fresh cold-pressed raw fruit and vegetable juice beverages designed to provide patients with a nutrient-dense alternative to smoking and vaporizing medical cannabis.

barnette's ambition

Corey Barnette’s Ambitions for DC’s Legal Marijuana

District Grower’s building in Southeast, Washington, D.C., is incognito by design—it shares walls with an auto body shop and has no sign indicating what goes on behind its weathered brick facade.


DC Cannabis Expo Preps Attendees for Green Rush

Washington, D.C. – At first glance, the ComfyTree Cannabis Expo held Saturday, February 28, 2015, at the Holiday Inn Washington-Capitol Hotel in Southwest appeared to be a typical Washington, D.C., conference.


Black Enterprise and Marijuana

The idea of reparations has a lot of moral suasion. But the task of repairing the grievous harm caused by the misguided “War on Drugs” and much of the other 200 years of American history will take more than one approach, more a smorgasbord than a silver bullet.

District Growers

District Growers is a patient-focused cannabis cultivation and advisory firm operating in regulated markets. The Company operates a registered medical cannabis cultivation center based in the District of Columbia and advises other registered cultivation and dispensary operations in other markets across the country.