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California Legalization Supporters Outspending Opponents 40 to 1

California Legalization Supporters Outspending Opponents 40 to 1

While California law enforcement officers remain outspoken against marijuana legalization, supporters have outspent opponents 40 to 1, according to a July 31, 2016, article in the Orange County Register. The top five pro-legalization donors have given $6.5 million, versus the top 5 opposing donors, who have given only $159,150.


Legalization Initiative in Massachusetts Bolstered by Out-of-State Donors

With out-of-state contributions representing 44 percent of the amount raised in 2015 for the CRMLA in Massachusetts, sponsored by the Marijuana Policy Project, out-of-state parties could potentially influence the state’s legalization initiative.


Ohioans to Face Legalization Dilemma in November

Ohioans soon will have the opportunity to vote on the Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative, which would legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana. But for many, the opportunity is poisoned by the way that licenses would be awarded.


No Shock: Big Pharma Tied to Anti-Pot

Smart Approaches to Marijuana was created in part by Patrick Kennedy, a former Rhode Island congressman known for being son of Ted Kennedy and for crashing his car into a Capitol Hill barricade in 2006. In an article from The Nation, Kennedy railed against marijuana in the name of improving mental health.