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LA Sheriff Thinks Feds May Target Marijuana

LA Sheriff Thinks Feds May Target Marijuana

LA Sheriff Thinks Feds May Target Marijuana

The leader of the nation’s largest sheriff’s department says he expects federal drug agents will attempt to step up marijuana enforcement as California moves forward with legalization. But Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell said he believes there isn’t the manpower to conduct widespread raids on growers and businesses selling marijuana.


New Study Suggests Medical Marijuana Could be The Answer to Opioid Crisis

A new study suggests legalized medical marijuana could be the answer to the ongoing opioid crisis in the United States, according to a Sept. 17, 2016, article at The Huffington Post. The study examined traffic fatalities in 18 states 1999-2013. Researchers noticed states with legalized medical marijuana saw a drop in accidents in which the driver had been taking an opioid.


Colorado Traffic Fatalities at Record Low Since Cannabis Legalization

Marijuana on the Roads: Part 3

A seemingly powerful argument against the legalization of marijuana has been how it will affect road safety. Prohibitionists argue that legalizing another intoxicant will automatically increase the number of intoxicated drivers on the roads.