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Senate Joins House in Passing Indiana Cannabis Oil Bill

Senate Joins House in Passing Indiana Cannabis Oil Bill

Senate Joins House in Passing Indiana Cannabis Oil Bill

The Indiana Legislature is poised to allow anyone to purchase and use a cannabis-derived extract believed to have therapeutic benefits, following a key vote by the state Senate on Monday.

AG Curtis Hill

AG Curtis Hill: Cannabidiol (CBD) Products are Illegal in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Nov. 21, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Attorney General Curtis Hill today released the following statement in conjunction with the issuance of an advisory opinion from his office regarding the legality of cannabidiol products.

Indiana Marijuana Decriminalization Opposed by Drug Commission

Indiana Marijuana Decriminalization Opposed by Drug Commission

Indiana marijuana decriminalization may have just become a little less likely in the Hoosier State. On Nov. 09, 2017, the Indiana Commission to Combat Drug Abuse voted to oppose efforts to decriminalize marijuana use.


Indiana Marine Veteran Pushes For Medical Marijuana Legalization

A U.S. Marine veteran in Indiana has registered a nonprofit organization that will push for medical marijuana legalization in his state, according to an Aug. 22, 2016, article at Fox59.com. Jeff Staker started Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis to convince Indiana lawmakers to make medical marijuana legal. “There needs to be an alternative,” he said.

Church Sues Indiana

The First Church of Cannabis Sues Indiana

The highly publicized First Church of Cannabis has filed a lawsuit against the state of Indiana and the city of Indianapolis. The church claims that anti-cannabis laws violate its members’ religious beliefs, which it claims is protected by the First Amendment and more specifically Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.


First Church of Cannabis Wins Tax-Exempt Status

Bill Levin is the founder of The First Church of Cannabis, a newly formed religion in Indiana following the state’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The church is dedicated to using cannabis as its holy sacrament.

Religious Freedom

Cannabis Meets Religious Freedom Restoration Act

In 1986 the Oregon Supreme Court decided that Oregon’s controlled-substance statutes violated the “free exercise” clause of the U.S. Constitution in that they outlawed the use of certain drugs, including peyote, while allowing no safe harbor for their religious/sacramental use.

Church of Cannabis

Church Of Marijuana Gets Boost From Indiana’s Anti-Gay ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill

Indiana’s new “religious freedom” law has been widely criticized and condemned by many, but an innovative marijuana activist in the state is using the bill’s legal protections as a means to set up a new religious sect — the First Church of Cannabis.