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Cresco Labs Will Spend A Million Dollars To Let People Know About Illinois Medical Marijuana Program

Cresco Labs Will Spend A Million Dollars To Let People Know About Illinois Medical Marijuana Program

CHICAGO, Oct. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Illinois’ largest approved grower of medical marijuana announced aggressive plans Wednesday for a multi-tiered marketing campaign designed to educate potential patients and provide them the tools needed to register for the state’s new Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis program.


BlazeNow App Approved for Apple’s App Store

In what is surely a sign of a white flag of defeat in the world of weed-tech, BlazeNow, an app that allows its users to connect via online interface with legal medical and recreational dispensaries globally, has now obtained access to the Apple App store.


How Companies are Trying to Bring Marijuana Ads Online

Yes, cannabis can. It has been a landmark time for marijuana, with entrepreneurs rushing into the Wild West of the budding industry. They’re not just growers and sellers, but forward-looking tech experts who have seen pot’s bright digital future.

Surna leadership reflector and Agrisoft Agreement and shares call results and board of directors and cloud 9 wholesale

Surna Reports 2015 First Quarter Results

Surna Inc. (OTCQB: SRNA), a technology company that engineers, manufactures, and distributes state-of-the art equipment and systems for controlled environment agriculture (“CEA”) currently specializing in commercial indoor cannabis cultivation, has announced financial results for the first quarter.


Peril and Possibility: Direct Sales Channel Marketing

Entrepreneurs must research direct marketing companies and business models carefully. There is a clear difference between a company that is dedicated to educating consumers and a similar model that operates more closely to a pyramid scheme.


Marketing Cannabis as Challenge and Opportunity

In a rapidly evolving cannabis marketplace it is increasingly vital for businesses to stand out from the competition. But many cannabis businesses have a long way to go when it comes to building brand recognition, which is key to long-term success.



Sinsemedia is a team of experienced professionals with backgrounds in development, licensing, marketing, design, and branding for a variety of clients and industries. The company is focused on developing new ideas, building new brands, and creating new products for the emerging cannabis industry.


Celebrity Marijuana Endorsements Range in Appeal

The recent announcement of Willie’s Reserve, singer Willie Nelson’s new branded marijuana strain and dispensary chain, garnered a lot of attention for the legal cannabis industry last week, but Nelson isn’t the only—or first—celebrity to get into the pot game.


Why Branding is Vital for Cannabis Startups

Applying traditional marketing techniques in the emerging cannabis industry makes some new business owners cringe. In a marketplace that evolved quickly and is accustomed to relying on word-of-mouth as a primary marketing strategy, tactical brand building can seem daunting.


Cannabis Photography Gives Dispensaries Competitive Edge

Trim, color, shape—those are just some of the elements of a cannabis bud that are captured in cannabis photography, which is growing in popularity as dispensaries ramp up their marketing efforts in a sea of increasing competition.

Kevin Smith Film

Kevin Smith’s New Film Brands Marijuana

The world of cinema and cannabis culture have recently intersected through an innovative marketing tactic. On Friday, September 6, 2014, The New York Times reported on the advertising technique of “Tusk,” a new movie by Kevin Smith, which includes selling two medical marijuana strains under the movie’s brand names: Mr. Tusk and White Walrus.


Apeks SuperCritical

Apeks Supercritical builds fully automated subcritical and supercritical botanical oil extraction systems that use liquid CO2 as a solvent. CO2 is a clean, inert, nontoxic solvent, and it is nonflammable. Systems are built to extract any botanical material, but 90 percent of Apeks’ business comes from the cannabis industry.


Marijuana Marketing Meets Opposition

People want to know what the legal cannabis market will look like. Some talk about price while others talk about quality, and then there are those that just want toke with friends. A topic that is often overlooked is marijuana marketing.


The Cannabis Career Institute: Helping People Grow

One of the more ingenious ways of making money in the cannabis industry has come from the Cannabis Career Institute. The CCI offers workshops for budding herbal entrepreneurs covering a variety of topics necessary for those wishing to enter the cannabis trade.

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