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Advisory Firm

Advisory Firm Analyzes Colorado Market Dynamics

Advisory Firm Analyzes Colorado Market Dynamics

The inception of the recreational marijuana market has caused medical sales to decrease significantly in Colorado, according to a new report published by GreenWave Advisors.


Marijuana Study for Veterans Faces Even More Delays

A highly anticipated study slated to test the efficacy of marijuana on veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder is still in limbo, despite a recent announcement that the National Institute of Drug Administration is ready to supply the researchers with the marijuana that they need.

GreenWave Lab Report

GreenWave Advisors, LLC, Releases Special Report on First Year of Dual Marijuana Markets in Colorado

GreenWave Advisors, LLC, an independent research and advisory firm serving the burgeoning cannabis industry, has published a 35 page research report that provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of current trends observed from an extensive compilation of data released by the state of Colorado.

Heliospectra and Sisley and Webinar

Heliospectra AB Hires Dr. Sue Sisley as Director of Medicinal Plant Research

GÖTEBORG, Sweden/SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Feb. 19, 2015/Weed Wire/ — Heliospectra AB (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse cultivation and plant research, today announced that it has hired Dr. Sue Sisley as Director of Medicinal Plant Research.

BioTrackTHC™ Engages Viridian Capital & Research as Financial Advisor

(New York, N.Y., December 18, 2014) – BioTrackTHC™, the leading provider of compliance, tracking and inventory management software for the legal cannabis industry, announced that it has engaged Viridian Capital Group, and its broker dealer Pickwick Capital Partners, as financial and strategic advisors.

HISTORIC VICTORY: Congress Prohibits Justice Department from Undermining State Medical Marijuana Laws

The final “must pass” federal spending bill that Congress will consider this week, also known as the “cromnibus,”and released by senior appropriators last night includes an amendment that prohibits the U.S. Justice Department from spending any money to undermine state medical marijuana laws.


Medical Marijuana For Your Memory? Research Says Maybe

Medical use of marijuana has been gaining legal status and popularity throughout the United States. Currently, it is most frequently known for its medicinal purposes of curbing nausea and reducing pain for those with chronic diseases, cancer or glaucoma.


Study: Marijuana Users More Likely to Survive Traumatic Brain Injury

You may have heard the alarming reports in recent months that marijuana may cause brain damage. The reports are taken from a study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, that observed that regular marijuana use alters the structures of your brain.


Study: Adolescents Should Avoid Cannabis

News from Down Under: adolescents should avoid developing cannabis habits according to a recent study. The study examines the sequelae, long-term effects, of adolescent cannabis use on a person from adolescence into young adulthood. The purpose of the study was to look at effects of long-term use, since all other studies on long-term effects had used a piecemeal approach to derive any conclusions.


Legal Cannabis Means Fewer Opioid Deaths

It has been 15 years since the advent of medical marijuana in the United States. A new study published by JAMA Internal Medicine sought to determine the effect the availability of legal medical marijuana has on the rate of opioid overdoses in states where patients have access to medical marijuana.

Facts on Violence

Pot’s Link to Low Rates of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a terrible thing. Every year in the United States, seven million people find themselves the victims of domestic violence. One of the leading causes of domestic violence in this country is substance abuse, but not all substances are created equal.

Prescription Pills

Study: Fewer Prescription Pill Deaths in States with Medical Marijuana

Opponents of medical marijuana in Florida often like to compare cannabis to prescription pills. They say marijuana will become just like pills; or as Sherriff John Rutherford put it to News 4 Jacksonville, “We will have medical marijuana in every backpack in every school in Duval County. It will be just like the pill mills.”

Arizona Axe

Arizona Axes Medical Marijuana Doctor

The United States needs to focus on the problem of treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but the fight against PTSD suffered a setback when the University of Arizona fired Dr. Suzanne Sisley who had proposed studying the efficacy of cannabis as a PTSD treatment medication.

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