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Oregon Licensing Process: Are You Prepared for Financing?

Oregon Licensing Process: Are You Prepared for Financing?

Interested in taking part of Oregon’s upcoming recreational marijuana market? While the entry barriers for dispensaries in Oregon aren’t as high they are in other states, it still takes a sizable investment to enter the business. And to get funding, companies must be prepared.

CannaInsider Funding Infographic

CannaInsider Pictures 10 Ways of Funding and Marijuana Investor Summit

The idea of funding a startup can seem daunting regardless of the field a company chooses to enter. Emerging entrepreneurs in the legal marijuana industry can improve their prospects by becoming well versed in their funding options before pursuing a particular path to capital.


Marijuana Investing for the 99 Percent

Marijuana and mutual funds are not concepts usually found in the same sentence. Marijuana investments are notoriously volatile. A mutual fund, on the other hand, is the sort of stodgy vehicle that middle-aged people use to build retirement savings.