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Marapharm Ventures Inc. “Marapharm” announces an acquisition in California

KELOWNA, British Columbia, Feb. 21, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Marapharm has entered into an agreement to purchase a Medical Delivery Service with the specific and limited purpose to deliver, facilitate or coordinate cannabis transactions between qualified patients and caregivers.


Why Branding is Vital for Cannabis Startups

Applying traditional marketing techniques in the emerging cannabis industry makes some new business owners cringe. In a marketplace that evolved quickly and is accustomed to relying on word-of-mouth as a primary marketing strategy, tactical brand building can seem daunting.

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‘Uber-Like’ Apps Have Yet to Take Off, But Cannabis Delivery Demand Persists

So far, the delivery service sector of the cannabis industry has not been able to put the rubber to the road. A few entrepreneurs have staked out claims for marijuana delivery apps that get the “Uber-like” comparison that is so en vogue these days.