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Medical Marijuana and Money Laundering

Medical Marijuana and Money Laundering

Medical Marijuana and Money Laundering

Medical marijuana may be legal in many states, but federally, it is still illegal. This means that banks run the risk of being charged with money laundering or other crimes for working with what the federal government considers an illicit activity. This creates a precarious situation where billions of dollars of state-licensed marijuana profits are handled almost exclusively in cash. What are the laws the set up this framework? What problems does this create? What is the solution?


Appeals Court Could Curb Federal Prosecutions For Medicinal Pot

An upcoming ruling by the U.S. Court of the Appeals for the Ninth Circuit could restrict the application of federal drug laws in states that allow medical marijuana. If the court rules to limit the application of federal laws, several Washington and California residents facing jail time under federal laws could see their convictions overturned.

Pot Banking

Pot Law and Pot Banking

Support for some form of legalization seems pretty broad, even if the coalition is strangely assembled of aging hippies, parents seeking medical treatment for desperately ill children and libertarians. The laws of the 23 states (including the District of Columbia), that permit some legal use of marijuana also protect different activities.