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Concentrate Production Preferences

Concentrate Production Evolves with Consumer Taste

Concentrate Production Evolves with Consumer Taste

Colorado is currently a breeding ground for experimentation and dispensaries are offering customers a range of options in the concentrate department.

Best Practices

Best Practices for Manufacturing Cannabis Concentrates

At its legal retail inception, the cannabis industry expected it would prosper with traditional flower sales, but concentrates have proven to be the industry’s dark horse and have dramatically changed the landscape for cultivators, manufacturers and retailers.


Apeks SuperCritical

Apeks Supercritical builds fully automated subcritical and supercritical botanical oil extraction systems that use liquid CO2 as a solvent. CO2 is a clean, inert, nontoxic solvent, and it is nonflammable. Systems are built to extract any botanical material, but 90 percent of Apeks’ business comes from the cannabis industry.