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Delaware's Adult Use Cannabis Task Force Meets for Second Time

Delaware’s Adult Use Cannabis Task Force Meets for Second Time

Delaware’s Adult Use Cannabis Task Force Meets for Second Time

On Oct. 4, 2017, the Delaware legislature’s Adult Use Cannabis Task Force met for the second time. Hoping to help craft a legalization bill that would pass the state legislature and gain gubernatorial approval, the group is responsible for determining the potential impacts of cannabis legalization.

Delaware Medical Marijuana Program Eases Requirements for PTSD Patients

Delaware Medical Marijuana Program Eases Requirements for PTSD Patients

The Delaware medical marijuana program is making safe access easier for those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. On July 13, 2017, Delaware Gov. John Carney signed Senate Bill 24, removing the original law’s requirement that PTSD patients be authorized specifically by a psychiatrist.

Governor Carney, Lawmakers Expand Access to Medical Marijuana for Delawareans with PTSD

WILMINGTON, Del., July 13, 2017 /Weed Wire/ – Governor John Carney this week signed into law Senate Bill 24, which will expand access to medical marijuana treatment for Delaware veterans, and other Delawareans, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Metatron, Inc. ($MRNJ) Adds A Specialty CBD Infused Tea Blend In Addition To Its Newly Announced Specialty CBD Coffee Blend And Single Serve Maker

DOVER, Del., June 1, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Metatron (OTC PINK: MRNJ), an emerging pioneer of releasing Marijuana & CBD related apps on iTunes and Google Play, is pleased to announce it is adding a specialty CBD infused tea blend as a companion to its newly announced Specialty coffee blend.

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Delaware House Committee Approves Bill to Regulate and Tax Marijuana Like Alcohol

DOVER, Del., May 10, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — The Delaware House Revenue and Finance Committee approved a bill Wednesday (9-2) that would make marijuana legal for adults and regulate it similarly to alcohol. HB 110, also known as the Delaware Marijuana Control Act, will now be considered by the full House of Representatives.

Contract with BiotrackTHC

Delaware Executes Cannabis Tracking Contract with BioTrackTHC™

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 2, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — The State of Delaware Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), the government agency responsible for regulating the medical use of cannabis in Delaware, has executed the state’s cannabis seed-to-sale tracking and patient registry contract with BioTrackTHC.

Delaware Judge: Possessing Marijuana With Firearm Still a Felony

Delaware Judge: Possessing Marijuana With Firearm Still a Felony

According to a recent ruling by Superior Court Judge Paul R. Wallace, although the state of Delaware decriminalized marijuana possession in 2015, the state legislature failed to remove a law that made it a felony to simultaneously possess a firearm and a controlled substance.

Tikun Olam

Tikun Olam, the World’s Original Medical Cannabis Company, Announces US Expansion of Health & Wellness Brand: Tikun™

NEW YORK, April 20, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — The United States will experience a wellness revolution through a new line of clinically-proven, proprietary cannabis products from Tikun Olam

New bill would legalize marijuana in Delaware

New Bill Would Legalize Marijuana in Delaware

A bill legalizing marijuana for Delaware adults is expected to be introduced in January when the General Assembly reconvenes, the Senate majority whip said. Sen. Margaret Rose Henry, D-Wilmington, who penned Delaware’s medical marijuana bill, said she will propose a bill that would legalize marijuana for Delawareans 21 and older. Henry said the bill has


Delaware Gubernatorial Candidate Wants Marijuana Legalization

Delaware Sen. Colin Bonini, a Republican candidate for governor, wants to legalize recreational marijuana in his state, according to a June 23, 2016, article by Delaware Public Media. Bonini said the state’s recent decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana and its approval of medical marijuana essentially have legalized pot in his state.


Most Likely to Succeed in 2016

Marijuana activists and political junkies can barely wait for 2016 to begin, and the list-making has been in full flower for months. But full adult-use legalization may depend as much on the nuts and bolts of petition deadlines or legislative calendars as it does on history, social attitudes and the state of medical marijuana regulation.


Is Clemency on The Horizon For Drug Convictions?

The New York Times reported on Friday, July 3, that President Obama is expected to commute the sentences of dozens of nonviolent drug offenders during the next few weeks. But most drug convictions happen under state law. Is there any relief on the horizon for nonviolent drug offenders over-sentenced in state courts?