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Leafly Cutting Unlicensed Cannabis Companies From Dispensary Finder Tool

Leafly Cutting Unlicensed Cannabis Companies From Dispensary Finder Tool

Leafly Cutting Unlicensed Cannabis Companies From Dispensary Finder Tool

Prior to recreational cannabis legalization in California, unlicensed cannabis companies proliferated under a system that didn’t require state licenses to operate medical cannabis businesses; however, the opportunity for those operating under the guise of legality is over in California and a popular cannabis dispensary and strain review website is erring on the side of caution.

Privateer Holdings

Privateer Holdings Closes $100+ Million Funding Round, Announces $5 Million Equity Pledge

SEATTLE, Jan. 25, 2018 /Weed Wire/ – Privateer Holdings, the world’s leading private equity firm investing exclusively in legal cannabis, today announced the completion of its Series C funding round and a pledge from the firm’s founders to donate equity equivalent to $5 million at the firm’s current valuation to help communities harmed by cannabis prohibition.


Leafly Brings Laughs to 4/20 with Comedy for a Cause

SEATTLE, April 4, 2017 /Weed Wire/ – Leafly, the world’s cannabis information resource, is reviving its smash-hit 2016 comedy tour for one night only to celebrate the biggest unofficial holiday in cannabis culture: 4/20. On April 20, 2017, comedians Damon Wayans Jr., Nikki Glaser, and Pete Holmes will headline four West Coast shows in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.


Green Bits and Leafly Partner to Help Cannabis Business Owners Provide Better Information to Patients and Consumers

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 5, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — Green Bits, the painless point-of-sale (POS) for cannabis retailers and dispensaries, has partnered with Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information resource, to provide legal cannabis business owners an easier way to provide patients and consumers up-to-date menu information to help them choose the right product.

Kings of Cannabis Capital: Privateer First to Raise Over $100 Million

Kings of Cannabis Capital: Privateer First to Raise Over $100 Million

On Nov. 4, 2016, Privateer Holdings, a Seattle-based private equity firm focused on the legal cannabis industry, announced that it has closed $40 million in convertible bridge funding, the first part of a future $100 million Series C equity round.


How Austria Became Europe’s Cannabis Clone Superstore

For those who want to legally grow huge amounts of cannabis in Austria, business is booming — but not yet blooming. The Austrian Narcotics Act prohibits the cultivation of cannabis only for the purpose of obtaining narcotics, and THC can be obtained only from cannabis flower. But if you promise your intent isn’t for consumption

Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain / Evan-Amos

CEO of Privateer Holdings: ‘Cannabis in the United States is Bigger than Corn’

On Dec. 4, 2015, Bloomberg’s Britton Staniar and Peter Robison interviewed Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Privateer Holdings, a private equity firm focused on the legal cannabis industry, in Seattle to discuss Privateer’s investments in cannabis-related businesses.


Team Cannabis Joins AIDS Walk San Francisco

Last weekend, for the second year in a row, an organization called Team Cannabis had a very large presence at AIDS Walk San Francisco. Interestingly enough, it hadn’t always been that way. The recent AIDS Walk, then, was a reunion of sorts for the medicinal cannabis and the AIDS communities.


DC Cannabis Expo Preps Attendees for Green Rush

Washington, D.C. – At first glance, the ComfyTree Cannabis Expo held Saturday, February 28, 2015, at the Holiday Inn Washington-Capitol Hotel in Southwest appeared to be a typical Washington, D.C., conference.

Private Equity

Private Equity Pairs with Marijuana

Private equity (PE) firms in the United States are primarily known for making financial investments in private companies that need a long holding period for funds. This is often done for new technologies, making acquisitions or to expand a balance sheet.

Mental Maze

Leafly’s Strain Reviews for Mental Illnesses

As a marijuana resource site, Leafly allows users to review strains of marijuana; part of the review process allows users to select medical conditions and symptoms they believe a strain can treat, as well as allowing them to add their own medical conditions and symptoms they believe are treatable with specific strains.

New Book

New York City Spreads Knowledge of the Compassionate Care Act Through Cannabis Education Luncheon

Since New York passed the Compassionate Care Act, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the state and its upcoming medical cannabis program and the benefits of medicinal marijuana.

American Consumers

Where Are the United States’ Biggest Cannabis Consumers? Not Where You’d Expect

After perusing our debut State of the Leaf cannabis infographic, you may have pondered which state in the US has the highest concentration of cannabis consumers. You’re not alone if you guessed Washington or Colorado, the only two states legally selling recreational cannabis, but you would be wrong.

Retail and Medical Marijuana Terms

First-ever Cannabis Ad in New York Times

Advertising is a billion-dollar industry. Whether it’s on television, the internet or a billboard on the road; advertising is everywhere. Marijuana also is a billion-dollar industry. Despite being legal either for medical or recreational purposes in less than half of the United States (23 states), marijuana has become a booming industry.


Weed’s Worldwide Web

It seems that since the start of the information age, which also roughly coincides with the release of Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” album, marijuana has been inching towards acceptance and legalization. The cultural acceptance of the plant is moving faster than legalization, but unless there is an unprecedented federal backlash, laws will further relax and legalization will become more widespread.