Temescal Wellness Greenlighted for Cultivation in New Hampshire

Temescal Wellness

WikiMedia Commons / Psychonaught / Public Domain

On Jan. 26, 2016, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services announced that it had issued a conditional registration certificate to Temescal Wellness, an alternative treatment center in New Hampshire, to start cultivating medical marijuana at its facility in Manchester.

In addition to cultivating medical marijuana, Temescal Wellness will also open dispensaries in Dover and Lebanon, pending final inspection and approval of DHHS. The DHHS expects Temescal’s dispensaries to be operational by spring.

Temescal Wellness is the second medical marijuana provider to receive cultivation approval from the DHHS, with Sanctuary ATC receiving its cultivation approval on Jan. 14, 2016.

Prime Alternative Treatment Centers is the third and final medical marijuana provider awaiting a conditional registration certificate from the state so it can start cultivating medical marijuana for qualified patients.

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