Los Angeles’ Largest Trade Association of Prop D Cannabis Dispensaries Kicks Off the “Get L.E.G.A.L.” Public Education Campaign


LOS ANGELES, May 16, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — The United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA), the largest trade association of Proposition D-compliant medical marijuana dispensaries, hosted a tour of New Age Care Center to help elected officials, the media and the community better understand how these highly-regulated businesses operate. During the tour, the UCBA kicked off the Get L.E.G.A.L. Public Education Campaign for its members.

“The goal of the Get L.E.G.A.L. program is to increase access to fact-based information and data relevant to the cannabis industry in Los Angeles,” said Jerred Kiloh, UCBA President. “Now that the industry is coming out of the fringes, we want to open our doors in full transparency. It is important to increase the knowledge and participation of the communities we serve while ensuring the safety of our patients and consumers through reliable testing and regulations.”

Furthermore, the UCBA is taking a proactive approach to educating the community and those that want to become a part of the cannabis industry. With the passing of Prop 64 and Proposition M, the opportunity exists to educate people about the myths and realities about becoming a legal participant in the cannabis industry. The UCBA will provide best practices for new cannabis businesses by providing them with a well-rounded cannabis business education, including cultivation and financial strategies.

The UCBA is working with community leaders and organizations to offer training and education on how to become legal owners and operators in the cannabis industry. As the regulatory framework is created, UCBA will be ready to support the industry with training, partnerships and financing of new businesses.

GET L.E.G.A.L.™ with UCBA
Licensed. Equality. Good Neighbor. Access. Lobbying.

· Get LICENSED – Real help with becoming a LEGAL cannabis business in Southern California.
· Get EQUALITY – UCBA is creating the vehicle for more women and minority participation through our EQUALITY program, which hires, trains, and gets entrepreneurs ready for ownership.GET L.E.G.A.L.
· Get GOOD NEIGHBORS – Ensuring that only those of legal age can enter the store. Partnering with the community to hire locally. Helping neighboring establishments with security by installing exterior cameras. Reinvesting in the community.
· Get ACCESS – Access for UCBA members to training, B to B discounts, advertising and information on the industry as it happens.
· Get LOBBYING– Become a part of the legal voice that is shaping the cannabis industry and fighting for the best practices in Southern California and nationwide.

In the coming weeks, consumers will be able to see the Get L.E.G.A.L door seals on UCBA member dispensaries. As the regulations for cannabis are passed in California and in the City of Los Angeles, consumers can be assured that UCBA members will continue to meet the regulations and best practices that are passed into law.

“As Southern California becomes one of the largest cannabis markets in the world, we understand that no single association can meet everyone’s needs,” says Javier Montes, UCBA VP and Membership Chair. “At the UCBA, we will continue to be a voice of patients, consumers and cannabis companies that serve our communities.”

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