San Francisco, California, United States: Manufactures and markets high-end, medical grade vaporization systems.


Founded: 2009
Company Stage: Growth
Investor Relations Contact:
Seibo Shen, Founder & CEO
(650) 245-0177

Twitter: vapexhale
Facebook: VapeXhale
Instagram: TeamVapeXhale


Seibo Shen, Founder & CEO
Brianne O’Neill, Marketing Manager


As the cannabis industry is seeking legitimacy, VapeXhale views its role as an innovator with a highly customer-focused vision. The company seeks to optimize the vaping experience, while also bringing the latest tech developments to its products. Seibo Shen, the company’s CEO, and his team invest heavily in R&D in order to offer new-wave solutions that take into account the value proposition of both vaporization’s healthcare and technology advantages. The company holds patents for many designs, which is a smart move in the green tech world. Its flagship product is the award-winning VapeXhale Cloud EVO™.



Revenue Driver:
The company’s Cloud EVO has an all-glass air path. The heater itself is glass, making it one of the most health-conscious choices. Further, the company’s unique product design offers maximum flavor.

Volcano, Plenty, and Crafty.

Competitive Advantage:
Rather than using off-the-shelf products, the company’s vaporizers are made from the ground up, and each piece is customized.

Business Model:
VapeXhale is positioning itself as a technology company within the cannabis industry. It is dedicated to facilitating an optimal experience by continuously innovating and refining its offerings, and it is upfront about its value proposition within the industry, unwilling to adopt “safe,” blanket categorization such as health and wellness, the company is proud to be an active cannabis product provider.

Sales/Marketing Strategy:
Unlike some other vaporizer companies, VapeXhale addresses the various segments of its target audience and adapts its marketing strategy accordingly. It offers seasonally bundled products, and based on its ongoing R&D, the company looks at demographic segments and preferences expressed in order to highlight the most desirable characteristics.

Target Market:
Customer base is not restricted based on age or gender. VapeXhale recognizes that cannabis users span all ages and have different levels of familiarity with its products; accordingly, it creates the most user-friendly products it can.

Seibo Shen, CEO and Founder of VapeXhale, received a Bachelor of Science in Ethnic Studies from University of California. He has a strong technology background, having worked for technology companies, including Jigsaw, Successfactors, E2open, Yammer, and Fliptop.


VapeXhale secured $10,000 for Best Pitch Award at the ArcView Group’s Investor Pitch Forum on January 27, 2015.

VapeXhale earned Best Product awards at the 2012 Cannabis Cup in Seattle and the 2013 Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles.

VapeXhale was featured on January 15, 2014, episode of “Getting Doug with High.”

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