Vendor Team With Former NFL Player to Grow Southern University Medical Marijuana

Vendor Team With Former NFL Player to Grow Southern University Medical Marijuana

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Southern University Medical Marijuana Program Has Advanced

The Pelican State is one step closer to having an operational medical cannabis program. On Sept. 22, 2017, Southern University’s Board of Supervisors selected Advanced Biomedics to be the school’s medical marijuana vendor.

“We are excited about the opportunity to enter into this venture that has the potential to bring health benefits to improve lives and also to build into a successful enterprise for Southern University,” said Ann. A. Smith, Chair of the SU Board of Supervisors, in a press release.

“My team and I are honored and thrilled to have been selected to partner with Southern in this history-making project. This is a project that will provide important funding to the university and ultimately improve the quality of life of thousands of Louisiana residents,” said Carrol Castille, a native of Louisiana and majority owner of Advanced Biomedics, in a statement.

While Advanced Biomedics has two locals at the helm, including Lafayette-based co-founder Chad Bodin, the company also Eugene Monroe, former offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, on board as the product development chair and chief diversity officer.

“We come here with a ton of experience, and we look to make a lasting impact on this community and really become a part of the Southern community,” Monroe said during Advanced Biomedics final presentation to SU’s Board of Supervisors. Monroe also revealed during his presentation that he is a 4% owner in Advanced Biomedics.

With Advanced Biomedics guaranteeing more than $6 million in payments to the university over the next five years, the company beat out Southern Roots and Med Louisiana to win the Southern University medical marijuana contract.

Monroe has been an advocate for medical marijuana as an alternative for athletes and is also involved in several medical marijuana businesses across the country.

In addition to Monroe’s star power, Advanced Biomedics also has Sue Sisley, M.D., on its team. Sisley is running the first clinical trial on the efficacy of medical marijuana in treating veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Prior to SU’s Board of Supervisors announcing the contract winner, Sisley conveyed the importance of Advanced Biomedic’s use and collection of clinical data to advance medical marijuana science.

“Collecting massive amounts of clinical data about how patients are responding to cannabis is essential,” Sisley said. “We’re amassing the largest patient registry in the world and we hope to be able to bring that to Southern and have you guys launch this database.”

Now that Southern University medical marijuana will be grown by Advanced Biomedics, Sisley and the company will have the opportunity to collect additional data to fill the void in medical marijuana science.

Louisiana State University, the other state-sanctioned medical marijuana cultivator, finalized its contract with GB Sciences Louisiana, a subsidiary of GB Sciences (OTCQB:GBLX), on Sept. 18.

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