Vermont Governor Approves Medical Marijuana Expansion

Vermont Governor Approves Medical Marijuana Expansion

On June 6, 2016, Gov. Peter Shumlin signed S. 14, a law that grants medical marijuana access to state residents under hospice care, as well as access to those with glaucoma or chronic pain.

S. 14 also requires dispensaries to use child-resistant packaging and to comply with the revised rules for labeling marijuana-infused products.

“At a time when opiate addiction is ravaging our state and drug companies continue to urge our doctors to pass out painkillers like candy, we need to find a more practical solution to pain management,” Shumlin said. “This bill ensures that Vermonters who are suffering will have access to medicine that is high quality, laboratory tested, and most importantly non-addictive.”

Shumlin believes the expansion of the state’s medical marijuana program will enable physicians to provide patients with an alternative to opiates.

According to WRGB Albany, the medical marijuana expansion goes into effect immediately.

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