Washingtonians: WSU Needs Volunteers for Marijuana Breathalyzer Study

Washingtonians: WSU Needs Volunteers for Marijuana Breathalyzer Study

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Researchers with Washington State University are looking for individuals to volunteer for a marijuana breathalyzer study. According to The Spokesman-Review, the study is attempting to determine if a marijuana breathalyzer can actually register “acute exposure” to THC.

Starting on May 23, 2017, and running until June 15, the marijuana breathalyzer study needs Washingtonians who are 21 or older and live in the city of Pullman, as the testing will be conducted at Pullman Regional Hospital. Participants will be directed to purchase marijuana from a licensed dispensary, return home to smoke the purchase and then take a taxi to the hospital for testing.

In a meeting at the Pullman League of Women Voters on May 18, the study’s lead researchers said that volunteers will be paid $30 for the first hour and $10 per hour for subsequent hours of participation, as reported by The Spokesman-Review. In addition to participants helping researchers test the viability of a marijuana breathalyzer, they can also participate in an optional field sobriety test conducted by local law enforcement officers.

If you fit the participant description, contact Peyton Nosbusch, WSU doctoral candidate, at peyton.nosbusch@wsu.edu, or Nathan Weller, member of Pullman City Council and research assistant, at Nathan_Weller@hotmail.com.

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