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Telehealth provider HelloMD finds high ground with Medical Marijuana


SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — HelloMD ( today announces surprising user demographic of those that use their service.

Q: What happens when you offer an easy to use online live-video Doctor consultation to obtain medical marijuana recommendations?

A: You attract an entirely new demographic comprised of retirees, professionals, veterans and middle-aged women that couldn’t be further from the typical marijuana-user stereotype.

This was an unexpected finding for HelloMD, a leading digital healthcare provider, who have found great success at the intersection of marijuana and Telehealth. So much so, that they have altered their business (from a much broader Telehealth Doctor consultation service) to focus exclusively on supporting the rapidly growing number of patients wanting to use Medical Marijuana.

“When we started offering online Medical Marijuana doctor consultations we expected the majority of our customers to be existing recreational users seeking to become legal,” says Mark Hadfield, CEO and Founder of HelloMD.

“We were quite surprised to find that the majority of folks coming through our service were not recreational users at all.  Instead we met retirees, veterans, and working professionals looking for alternative medicinal treatments to a wide variety of conditions spanning chronic pain through everyday anxiety and stress. All of them had heard about marijuana as an alternative but found their general practitioner lacking the knowledge to offer good advice. They didn’t know where to go for more information on medical marijuana, who to talk with, or how to go about becoming a legal patient. Many had difficulty leaving their homes while others were afraid to venture into the parts of town where medical marijuana practitioners were likely to be found,” stated Perry Solomon, MD and Chief Medical Officer at HelloMD.

With this realization, HelloMD has made it their goal to remove as many barriers as possible for those legitimately in need of medical marijuana.

“Our goal, at HelloMD, is to alleviate the fear, uncertainty, doubt, and stigma for these individuals and to establish a long-term wellness relationship based on quality and trust,” says Hadfield. “And our low $49.00Doctor consultation fee for convenient access to an informed, compassionate Doctor via video-conference is where we start.”

In addition, HelloMD offers their patients immediate and on-demand membership with trusted dispensaries that have met a minimum standard (in quality of product, and in quality of overall customer experience). This benefit saves time and the need to complete a set of paperwork for each and every dispensary a patient might want to join.

About HelloMD

HelloMD is the leading digital healthcare platform for medical cannabis patients. We provide easy, convenient access to medical marijuana doctors for medical cannabis recommendations, product and advice and more.

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Recent reviews from patients of HelloMD:

‘Chris from Antioch‘ stated: “As a busy professional, HelloMD was the best option for my time-crunched schedule. Their Telehealth solution was as simple as a few clicks and I had a meeting with a doctor via my laptop. No worrying about driving somewhere sketchy, parking, and waiting. I can highly recommend this service to anyone!”

‘Erin from Rosemead‘ stated: “I felt this might be a better alternative to lets say Ambien or Valium to control sleep or anxiety. My experience was very good. The Doctor was knowledgeable and helpful. She answered a lot of questions and concerns. Thanks!”

‘Lex from Reedley‘: “I’m a senior citizen with a painful chronic condition – rheumatoid disease. I have read all about the benefits of medical marijuana for this condition, and want the relief. But in my part of California there is still a big stigma, and our county sheriff is actively opposing all uses. And, all my life I’ve heard horror stories of what the government can or will do with people and their assets if they are caught up in the war on drugs. I was not brave enough to try MM until I found HelloMD, and dispensaries that will deliver the medicine to me. Now: yes it, helps, my pain is reduced by a significant amount.”

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Michael Litchfield – Chief Marketing Officer



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