Arkansas Group Files Suit to Block Medical Marijuana Measure

Arkansas Group Files Suit to Block Medical Marijuana Measure

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A group in Arkansas has filed a lawsuit to block ballot access for a measure that would legalize medical marijuana in the state. Claiming that the proposal is misleading, Arkansans Against Legalized Marijuana has asked the state Supreme Court to prevent election officials from counting or certifying any votes for the measure.

According to the Associated Press, the group includes support from various state organizations, including the state Chamber of Commerce, the Arkansas Farm Bureau, the Family Council Action Committee and Arkansas Surgeon General Greg Bledsoe.

“The general public deserves to have a ballot initiative that accurately describes what the legislation will do and what it’s about, and the attorneys didn’t feel that was the case, which is why they filed the suit,” Bledsoe told the Associated Press.

The group has also argued in the suit that the measure does not accurately describe its effect on employers, landlords, churches or schools. Another point of contention is the fact that the measure fails to mention that dispensaries would be allowed to sell edible marijuana products to patients.

However, many remain skeptical that the suit will yield any results. In 2012, the Arkansas Supreme Court rejected a similar lawsuit against a similar medical marijuana measure.

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