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31 Days Until Julian Marley’s Appearance at California Cannabis Business Expo

31 Days Until Julian Marley’s Appearance at California Cannabis Business Expo

Julian Marley, son of reggae legend Bob Marley and a successful reggae musician in his own right, will be on hand to greet fans at the California Cannabis Business Expo March 4 and 5 at the Hilton Union Square, San Francisco.

Expo Experience

Hacking Your Cannabis Expo Experience

With the California Cannabis Business Expo hitting San Francisco March 3-5, 2016, here are 11 tips for hacking your cannabis expo experience so you can build your network and expand your knowledge.


34 Days Until California State Assemblyman Tom Lackey Cracks Open the MMRSA

Tom Lackey, an American politician currently serving in the California State Assembly, will be cracking open California’s Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act at the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco this March.


35 Days Until Ed Rosenthal Talks Cultivation in California

Ed Rosenthal, a cannabis cultivation expert, will be participating in a panel on California growers and operators, as well as an open Q&A session, at the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco this March.


36 Days Until Stephen Goldner Explores Life After Legalization

Stephen Goldner, a forensic toxicologist at Quantum 9, a cannabis consulting and technology firm, will be discussing life after legalization at the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco this March.

Howard Leonhardt

38 Days Until Howard Leonhardt Discusses Going Public with the Jobs Act and Reg A+

Howard Leonhardt, a state spokesperson in California for the JOBS ACT and Crowdfunding for Startup California, will be speaking in March at the California Cannabis Business Expo.

Ethan Nadelmann

41 Days Until Ethan Nadelmann hosts The Great Marijuana Debate

Ethan Nadelmann, along with his colleagues at the Drug Policy Alliance, has played a pivotal role in most of the major drug policy reform ballot initiative campaigns in the United States, and he will be hosting The Great Marijuana Debate sponsored by in San Francisco.

Bruce Barcott

42 Days Until Bruce Barcott Talks 2016 and Co-hosts The Great Marijuana Debate

In 42 days, Bruce Barcott will be a featured speaker at the Marijuana Investor Summit in San Francisco to discuss his forecasts for the marijuana market in 2016 and co-host The Great Marijuana Debate, sponsored by

Fiona Ma

43 Days Until Fiona Ma of the CA State Board of Equalization Talks Cannabis Banking

Fiona Ma, one of the few Certified Public Accountants to ever have served on the State Board of Equalization, will be speaking on the latest news in cannabis banking at the Marijuana Investor Summit in San Francisco this March.

Rob Bonta Keynote

44 Days to California Assemblymember Rob Bonta’s Keynote at Marijuana Investor Summit

California Assemblymember Rob Bonta, representing the cities of Oakland, Alameda and San Leandro, is slated to give a keynote address and overview of the new California regulations at the Marijuana Investor Summit in San Francisco this March.

Zep Again

45 Days to Zep Again & House of Floyd at Marijuana Investor Summit!

On March 3, 2016, Zep Again and House of Floyd will share the stage in the Grand Ballroom following The Great Marijuana Debate, moderated by, kicking off the three-day Marijuana Investor Summit in San Francisco.


Oregon Licensing Process: Are You Prepared for Financing?

Interested in taking part of Oregon’s upcoming recreational marijuana market? While the entry barriers for dispensaries in Oregon aren’t as high they are in other states, it still takes a sizable investment to enter the business. And to get funding, companies must be prepared.


5 Key Elements of a Successful Cannabis Consultancy

Signal Bay Inc. (OTC: SGBY), a provider of cannabis consulting, research, data, operations and laboratory services, knows a cannabis consultancy needs five key elements to be successful.

New Frontier Financials and Equio Offer

A Special Offer from New Frontier

New Frontier and ArcView Market Research will join forces to produce the 4th edition of The State of Legal Marijuana Markets. In honor of this announcement, New Frontier is offering its subscribers and MJIN readers a pre-sale discount of $150, expiring this week on Nov. 20, 2015.

CLS Labeling Practices

The Future of Labeling in the Legal Cannabis Industry

With legalization happening on a state-by-stay basis and no overarching regulatory agency to devise and implement national standards for labeling, the torch has to be picked up by manufacturers.

MyDx Cannabis Data

MyDx’s Users Can Transform an Anecdotal Industry into Scientific Cannabis Data

MyDx offers a comprehensive digital ecosystem of hardware and software that enables users to track, self-quantify and record what is happening to them on a strain-by-strain basis. While such data empowers an individual cannabis consumer’s path to finding the right strain for a specific condition, MyDx believes this data can serve the greater good of the industry.

Investment Intelligence

Empower Your Cannabis Investment Intelligence

In an age defined by filter failure, not information overload, independent analysts can act as the filters individual investors need to eliminate the extraneous and focus on the essential—the health of capital market intelligence depends upon them.

Actionable Intelligence

Step Inside MJIC Media’s Actionable Investment Intelligence

MJIC Media sees value in knowing who makes up the industry’s current and prospective investors. In an effort to determine this, paired with MJIC Media’s commitment to serving investors in this emerging industry, it is now offering a free company research report.

Best Practices

Best Practices for Manufacturing Cannabis Concentrates

At its legal retail inception, the cannabis industry expected it would prosper with traditional flower sales, but concentrates have proven to be the industry’s dark horse and have dramatically changed the landscape for cultivators, manufacturers and retailers.

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