BIOS and Ledra Brands Partner to Deliver Next-Generation Human LED Lighting Solution at LIGHTFAIR 2016


Ledra Brands LED Downlights Outfitted with BIOS with SkyBlue™ Technology
Provide Health Benefits within Large-Scale Indoor Environmental Applications


SAN DIEGO, April 25, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — Researchers at BIOS, developers of world-class LED lighting solutions for the biological lighting market, today unveiled new Zhaga-based LED light engine modules that produce a circadian friendly white light enabled by BIOS SkyBlue Technology at LIGHTFAIR International 2016.  BIOS has entered an exclusive agreement with Ledra Brands, a leader in solid state lighting design, to provide SkyBlue light engine modules for a line of next-generation LED downlights that help restore the connection to the outdoors to areas with limited or no daylight exposure. Ledra Brands and BIOS plan to introduce the integrated product line in the third quarter of 2016.

BIOS SkyBlue Technology for Circadian Benefits
BIOS LED systems are the next generation of lighting driven by scientific findings that were first developed at NASA and engineered for astronauts on the International Space Station who depend completely on artificial light. On earth, the average person can spend up to 90% of their time indoors under electrical light, which does a poor job of mimicking the sun—the strongest time cue for the human circadian system that tells the body clock whether it is night or day.

BIOS’ new SkyBlue Technology infuses Blue Sky spectrum to deliver a positive melanopic response significantly higher than that of standard white light (4000K LED at same light levels). By combining maximum melanopic spectrum with minimal Blue Light Hazard, businesses can provide a positive biological impact to employees, customers, patients or residents through LED overhead lighting. Shifting individual rhythms to a more consistent group rhythm while delivering the proper LED light spectrum can improve sleep, alertness, physical performance and cognition—potentially leading to fewer workplace accidents, absentees or other physical dangers attributed to loss of sleep or poor circadian rhythms.

“Legacy LEDs have their spectrum in the wrong place for promoting optimal melanopsin stimulation,” said Robert Soler, Vice President of Human Biological Technologies and Research at BIOS.  “To enhance circadian entrainment and provide health benefits, our SkyBlue Technology puts LED spectrum in the proper place to provide maximum melanopic flux with minimal blue light hazard.”

“BIOS with SkyBlue Technology integrates decades of scientific research about how the proper light spectrum can have a positive affect on human functions, and takes it to the next level within large-scale settings where we can literally bring the outdoors inside to people who generally have little access or exposure to natural sunlight,” said Sean Tegart, President and CEO of BIOS. “BIOS is pleased to partner with an industry leader like Ledra Brands to promote biological health and safety through indoor LED lighting that is suitable for a multitude of commercial applications—from office buildings and universities, to hospitals and assisted living facilities.”

Members of the media are invited to learn more about the Ledra lighting fixtures with BIOS with SkyBlue Technology in Ledra Brands Booth #4853 at LFI, April 26-28, San Diego, CA.

About Ledra Brands
Ledra brands has been a leader and pioneer in solid state lighting design. An American manufacturer located in Southern California, Ledra brands began in the mid 80’s with European partnerships of quality lighting products. Today it has three brands, Bruck, Molto Luce and WILA USA, spanning several categories of commercial, retail, hospitality and residential lighting products. Many of these American and European designs have had reliable, energy efficient LEDs integrated since 1999. Ledra brands continues to provide the latest in Intelligent, Biological and Color Consistent solid state technology. More information is available at

About BIOS Lighting
Biological Innovations and Optimization Systems, LLC (BIOS) is a recognized innovator in the biological application of LED lighting. Through groundbreaking research and continuous development, BIOS LED lighting solutions are designed to improve the health and wellbeing of people, plants and animals, while reducing energy use and creating a more sustainable planet. By integrating years of biological and horticultural expertise with science first developed at NASA for the International Space Station, and the latest advancements in LED lighting and controls, BIOS creates lighting technologies that deliver unparalleled biological and horticultural results. The BIOS Lighting team has a collective experience of more than 50 years in lighting specific research and development, and are listed on more than 30 LED lighting technology patents.  Located in the “Space Coast” area of FL, its Melbourne headquarters are located just south of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where BIOS continues to draw-on and participate in the massive infrastructure built to support NASA’s ongoing research programs.  More information is available at

BIOS Media Contact  
Rebecca Crisafulli
321.259.1795 ext. 441

Ledra Brands Media Contact  
Cameron Oveisi
714.259.9959 ext. 262

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