Cannabis Accepted as Part of Treatment Plan for Veteran During Stay at VA NJ PTSD/Homeless Inpatient Unit


TRENTON, N.J., Sept. 20, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — The only way the VA can learn about the multiple benefits of cannabis related to PTSD, and how medical cannabis can save lives, is by sitting down with the person who is actually allowed to consume it directly under the watchful eye of the Veterans Administration, Jonathan Fruchter. A Naval Special Operations H-60 Helicopter Door Gunner & Rescue Swimmer, he also just so happened to be a federal employee who actually worked at the Veterans Administration at the VA New Jersey Healthcare System.

Under an agreement between VA doctors at the Lyons, NJ Medical Center and the former aircrewman, he was carefully and clinically observed to study and document the positive improvement that medical cannabis has on his combat related post-deployment illness. When he arrived at the homeless shelter run by the federal government, he continually tested positive for THC, but because he showed his medical cannabis card and continually argued for its benefits in the face of his psychiatrist, psychologist and entire treatment team, they allowed him to consume it off-site in stark comparison to how his fellow veterans would be treated if they were to test positive for the drug.

Jonathan was coerced to stay quiet during his stay about his ability to consume cannabis while a resident on federal property at the VA. Reasons for this were because the VA didn’t wan’t to disturb the status-quo nor upset other veterans who weren’t allowed to consume cannabis as part of their treatment plans, but in contrast would be set back in their “recovery” if they were to test positive for it. Most residents are recovering from opiate addiction and Jonathan believes cannabis would help replace the entire line-up of drugs tossed in the direction of the veteran pleading for his/her health at the residential/rehab program.

This is a groundbreaking advancement with the opinion of doctors emanating through their practice of medicine on the federal level towards their preference of cannabis in this veterans treatment plan. This is the reason Jonathan wants his story to get out, to be able to show other veterans across the world in the different residential units at the VA that they too, with a cannabis card, can choose to save their life with cannabis if they indeed choose to do so, safely and with legal protection simply because it is in the benefit of the patient’s health.

The VA is an agency of the U.S. Government that exists on the federal level, which ascertains the fact that cannabis is STILL considered a Schedule 1 narcotic by the DEA with no accepted medical benefits. The current irony is that the National Institute of Cancer has already published medical information about cannabis on their federal government website, and the National Institute of Drug Abuse has even gone so far as to do the same.

Previously in 2014, Jonathan made headlines when this story emerged detailing the fact that he incredibly was allowed to self-medicate with cannabis to treat his PTSD symptoms while he was employed by the federal government. At the same time, he was lobbying the state governor, Chris Christie, to add PTSD to the limited list of debilitating medical conditions that qualify a patient to obtain medical cannabis in the state of New Jersey. During a landmark NJ case that concluded in 2017, Jonathan was also surprising allowed to consume cannabis during his 3-year probationary sentence after pleading guilty to 2 of 14 felonies for the possession, manufacture and distribution of the plant.

Jonathan is the founder of the World Cannabis Club, New York’s First Dispensary and NYC cannabis culture hub. The WCC is an international exchange of camaraderie, compassion, and information about the wellness benefits of cannabis.

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