Cannabis Business Alliance (CBA) Statement:DEA Denies Petition to Reschedule Cannabis;CBA Calls For The Plant to Be De-Scheduled

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DENVER, Aug. 11, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — The Cannabis Business Alliance (CBA)  has released a statement on the recent reports of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration’s denial of requests to reschedule Cannabis, currently a Schedule I drug. The advocate for Cannabis business owners is calling on the federal government to de-schedule the beneficial plant.

“Cannabis has been objectively and scientifically determined to be safer than alcohol or tobacco, and the legal status of Cannabis needs to be taken into the same context as these other popular adult-use substances. The DEA has a vested financial interest in maintaining the prohibition of marijuana and furthering the war against it, which has locked up millions, destroyed countless lives, and squandered hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. States with legal marijuana understand the safe nature of this plant and its therapeutic benefit to many patients. The American people have accepted marijuana in mainstream society and the question should not be one of rescheduling this plant, but rather, how do we effectively regulate cannabis in a de-scheduled world,” said Cannabis Business Alliance Executive Director Mark Slaugh.

The rescheduling of Cannabis to a Schedule II drug would have meant the DEA and federal government would have placed Cannabis under the same restrictions as pharmaceuticals, a move that would have created unnecessary red tape and a burden on states, which have already exercised their right to create their own regulatory regimes. A Schedule 1 status restricts wide-scale research into the plant’s benefits thereby restricting patients, scientists and medical practitioners. This status also leaves banking restrictions in place against licensed marijuana businesses, making them targets for neighborhood crime.

While the DEA denied the petition to reschedule Cannabis, it has opened the door for additional universities to grow cannabis for federal research. At present, the University of Mississippi is only university designated for growing federally funded cannabis. The Cannabis industry is encouraged that universities will be able to research Cannabis, but demands that Cannabis is de-scheduled completely rather than rescheduled, similar to other agriculture medicines like Echinacea and St. John’s Wort.

“The Cannabis industry needs federal recognition for a host of reasons, from banking to tax equality,” Slaugh continued. “And while we hope that the increased amount of Cannabis research on a federal level will lead to the DEA acknowledging what we already know: that Cannabis is a relatively harmless crop and should be recognized as such – by full de-schedule and through sensible regulation.”

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