Cannabis Capsules: The Smokeless Alternative of 2016

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As more and more states move toward legalizing medical marijuana, cannabis is becoming a respected option to treat pain, inflammation and other maladies. Despite this growing acceptance, traditional delivery systems such as smoking and consuming edibles may not fit the needs of all consumers interested in the benefits of medical marijuana. Cannabis capsules provide an alternative for those patients who may not be comfortable smoking or may be unable to consume typical edibles due to dietary restrictions.

As we are accustomed to seeing, pharmaceutical capsules contain active medicine that has been encapsulated. To the benefit of the patient, they can be manufactured in a range of sizes. Unlike edibles, which users can over consume and process differently, capsules can have a more easily set dosage and release time. The construction of the capsule determines how long before the consumer begins to feel the effects. Smoking cannabis has the fastest absorption time, but this may not be desirable for every patient. Some patients may require convenience and discretion, and capsules can be taken as easily as any other pill.

Since 2015, The Capsule Consulting Group has been a full service capsule manufacturer and consultancy for the medical marijuana market. The Capsule Consulting Group offers a range of capsule customization options as well as formulation assistance and technical support for those wishing to produce their own marijuana capsules. Capsule customization includes colors, logo printing and a range of seven flavors. Some users may experience unpleasant tasting “canna-burps” after taking marijuana capsules; the Capsule Consulting Group’s flavored gelatin capsules help hide the taste and smell of cannabis oil when taking the capsule, preventing canna-burps. In addition to their existing fruit, coffee, and candy flavors, the Capsule Consulting Group works with clients to create custom and exclusive flavors.

The Capsule Consulting Group also produces medical capsule products for pets. Like humans, pets’ lifespans are increasing as medical technology and care improves. This means more cats and dogs are living long enough to develop arthritis, cancer, and other middle and end of life ailments. Medical marijuana can help alleviate pain and inflammation in pets, but given their smaller sizes, it is critical to make sure cats and dogs are given appropriate doses.  Just as with humans, capsules take the guesswork out of dosage, providing pets with the right amount for relief.  The Capsule Consulting Group even offers bacon-flavored capsules for those pets that are difficult to medicate.

Having established itself in the medical marijuana market, the Capsule Consulting Group is ready to begin serving the recreational market. Eli Elias, the Capsule Consulting Group’s Vice President of Business, sees capsules as an alternative to existing consumption methods. “The possibilities for capsules are endless as multiple formulations provide an alternative for both the novice and senior smokers,” Elias said. “We believe that 2016 will be the year where both the recreational and medical markets will embrace cannabis capsules as a suitable alternative for smokeless cannabis.”

Currently, four U.S. states have legalized recreational marijuana use with 23 states and the District of Columbia permitting medical use. These numbers are expected to grow as Vermont’s bill to legalize recreational marijuana use goes to the Senate Financial Committee for a vote in early February and California voters may be able to vote for recreational legalization in the November 2016 election.

Even states without formal legislation are looking to Washington and Colorado for examples of how legalization may work and what benefits it may provide. The American recreational market is expected to expand, and this expansion means a growing market for cannabis products. Just as patients may prefer not to smoke cannabis and may be unable to use edibles, recreational users may prefer capsules to other delivery methods. Recreational users can enjoy the same benefits enjoyed by medical capsule consumers.

As the legal recreational marijuana market grows, the number of consumers interested in smokeless products will grow as well. For these consumers, capsules provide a customizable experience not yet available with other options. Because of their versatility and ease of use, capsules are poised to become a strong alternative product in the medicinal and recreational market.

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